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DRI Weighs in on Tech Troubles at United Airlines, Wall St. Journal, and NYSE

Technical glitches managed to take down the New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Journal, and United Airlines – all within hours of each other. What infosec lessons should other organizations learn from this trio of outages? DRI President and CEO Al Berman weighs in.

Here’s how it went down:
• United Airlines was first, canceling 61 flights and delaying another 1,162, citing "router degraded network connectivity for various applications" for the disruptions
• Later in the morning, the New York Stock Exchange stopped trading for 3.5 hours, after overnight software updates caused technical problems, and
• The Wall Street Journal – possibly overwhelmed by the traffic from investors looking for news on the NYSE problem – had to send readers to a temporary site while it worked on tech issues on its main website.

"Regardless whether this was a cyber-terrorist attack or a glitch, the results are still the same: The institutions have to deal with the consequences," Berman told Bank Info Security’s Eric Chabrow. Most critical: each business must find the root cause of the outages and fix them quickly – before customers decide to go elsewhere for their flights, stocks, or news.

For more about the outages and what organizations should learn from them, click the tab below.

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