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Risk Management

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Associate Risk Management Professional (ARMP)

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The Associate Risk Management Professional certification is for those who are new to risk management.
ARMP certification supports entry-level proficiency with knowledge in risk management. It is designed for those who have not yet acquired a great deal of experience in the field. Starting your career path in risk management through ARMP certification demonstrates to your peers, colleagues and management that professionalism within the industry is your goal.

The Certification Process

The ARMP certification is for individuals with less than two years of risk management experience, completed a DRI Risk Management Continuity course, and have successfully passed the Risk Management Examination. ARMP is for individuals with knowledge of risk management, but who have not yet acquired the necessary experience for certification at a higher level. Those wishing to remain at the ARMP level of certification need only to pay their annual fee to maintain the active status of their certification.

ARMP Certification Details

Prerequisite Exam
Application Fee
Annual Renewal Fee
Years of Experience
Subject Matter Area Essays (SMEs)
References Required
Waivers Available
DRI ARMP Flowchart

About References

There are no references required for this level of certification.

For additional details regarding certification levels and recertification requirements, please go to the FAQ section, email driinfo@drii.org or call +1-866-542-3744.

Important Note: This entire process can be completed within 48 hours unless you are randomly selected for an audit, if selected it could take up to two weeks. DRI International contacts all applicants upon approval. Once approved, professional certification status and recertification period documents are provided. If you are not approved and wish to re-apply, contact the Certification Department for additional information on how to re-apply.

Certification Maintenance

Recertification is required for all certification levels. Regular recertification requires an ongoing commitment to continuing education and industry activities. There is a yearly maintenance fee for all certification levels. There are no CEAPs required for ARMP.

To remain in good standing, ARMPs must:

  1. Comply with the DRI International Code of Ethics.
  2. Pay all annual maintenance fees.

All Certified Professionals, certified specialties, vendors and auditors receive an annual maintenance fee invoice.
Upon receipt of payment, ARMPs will have their professional certification card updated in their DRI account.