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Track: Healthcare Continuity
Course Title: Business Continuity for Healthcare Review
Course ID: HCP 501
Relevant Certifications (requires additional step): AHPCP, CHPCP
Duration: 2 days (Two full days of instruction 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; Examination online at your leisure)
16 Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs) may be awarded toward recertification if applicable.
The cost of this course includes both the course and the exam.

A certificate of completion for the course will only be delivered once the exam is completed and payment has been received. Exam results will then be released.
Cost: $1,850.00


Protect service delivery. Safeguard records. Maintain compliance.

HCP 501 is an exam prep course that moves at a fast pace.

If you’re an experienced continuity professional in the healthcare space and you’re in a hurry to take your career to the next level, Healthcare Continuity Review (HCP 501) is for you. This short, yet highly effective, refresher course will re-acquaint you with the key elements of business continuity and is based on the recently revamped DRI Professional Practices for Business Continuity Management the most utilized and time-tested standard in the field. Along with the Professional Practices, you will learn business continuity best practices for the healthcare field, with a curriculum that reflects the NFPA 1600, Joint Commission, HIPAA, and other vital laws, regulations, and standards.

Additionally, the course as well as the revamped supporting material provided to every student is designed to give you all the tools you need to pass the Healthcare Examination and continue on the path toward becoming a DRI Certified Healthcare Provider Continuity Professional (CHPCP) or Associate Healthcare Provider Continuity Professional (AHPCP).


"The instructor was experienced, amicable, professional and demonstrated great concern for our learning outcome. Also appreciated the active involvement and sharing of information by course participants from throughout the [healthcare] industry."


1. Review The Professional Practices for Business Continuity Management body of knowledge designed to assist in the development, implementation, and maintenance of business continuity programs
2. Highlight the terms and methodologies presented in the International Glossary for Resilience and the Professional Practices.
3. Prepare you for the Healthcare Examination, in which you receive 16 credit hours for the course


Lesson 1: Program Initiation and Management
- Establish the need for a business continuity program
- Obtain support and funding for the business continuity program
- Build the organizational framework to support the business continuity program
- Introduce key concepts, such as program management, risk awareness, identification of critical functions/processes, recovery strategies, training and awareness, and exercising/testing

Lesson 2: Risk Assessment
- Identify risks that can adversely affect an entity’s resources or image
- Assess risks to determine the potential impacts to the entity, enabling the entity to determine the most effective use of resources to reduce these potential impacts

Lesson 3: Business Impact Analysis
- Identify and prioritize the entity’s functions and processes in order to ascertain which ones will have the greatest impact should they not be available
- Assess the resources required to support the business impact analysis process
- Analyze the findings to ascertain any gaps between the entity’s requirements and its ability to deliver those requirements

Lesson 4: Business Continuity Strategies
- Select cost-effective strategies to reduce deficiencies as identified during the risk assessment and business impact analysis (BIA) processes

Lesson 5: Emergency Preparedness and Response
- Develop and assist with the implementation of an incident management system that defines organizational roles, lines of authority and succession of authority
- Define requirements to develop and implement the entity’s incident response plan
- Ensure that incident response is coordinated with outside organizations in a timely and effective manner when appropriate

Lesson 6: Business Continuity Plan Development and Implementation
- Document plans to be used during incident and which will enable the entity to continue to function during an incident that requires utilizing the business continuity process

Lesson 7: Awareness and Training Programs
- Establish and maintain training and awareness programs that result in personnel being able to respond to incidents in a calm and efficient manner

Lesson 8: Plan Exercise, Audit and Maintenance
- Establish an exercise, maintenance, and assessment program to maintain a state of readiness

Lesson 9: Crisis Communications
- Provide a framework for developing a crisis communications plan
- Ensure that the crisis communications plan will provide for timely, effective communication with internal and external parties

Lesson 10: Coordination with External Agencies
- Establish policies and procedures to coordinate incident response activities with public entities


For in-person courses:
This course will be held in-person and the exam will be online, at leisure. A computer is required for this course in order for you to take the exam. The system requirements will be sent to you via email together with information about how to access the course materials prior to the start of the course.

For courses held online:
All online courses are held via Zoom and a computer is required for this course. The system requirements will be sent to you via email together with information about how to access the course materials prior to the start of the course. You will also be provided with instructions for how to take the exam online, at leisure following the course.

For international courses:
This course is being hosted by a DRI International partner. To register, you will be asked to provide your contact information and we will put you in touch with the local team for details.

For courses held pre-conference:
This course is being held in-person prior to the DRI Annual Conference at or near the conference venue. You can then attend the conference immediately following your course with an additional registration (separate fee applies).

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