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Diversity and Inclusion

For decades, DRI and the DRI Foundation have maintained a set of core values and core behaviors that uphold those values as a resource for developing and maintaining an environment where diversity and inclusion are the norm. We have and will continue to support diversity and inclusion through action. This page was created to further highlight our available resources for our community including:


Each one of us has a role to play, from the President to the front-line customer service agent. The DRI Board of Directors reaffirmed its commitment to diversity and inclusion by issuing the following statement in 2020:

“From our inception, we have and continue to advocate an inclusive environment that enables everyone to develop their skills and make a difference through education and accreditation. Diversity, inclusiveness, and the promotion of mutual respect is exemplified in all facets of our goals and mission, including the Board of Directors’ membership, staff, thought leadership and charitable activities worldwide.”

Mentorship and Development

We continue to create and sponsor outreach programs that support developing talent for impact. These programs include:

  • DRI Foundation Women in BCM: The DRI Foundation’s Women in Business Continuity Management (WBCM) community provides female business continuity, crisis management and disaster recovery professionals with learning and networking opportunities. It also has an equal and much deeper purpose – a forum for women supporting women! This initiative kicked off with a white paper and survey of 1,000 respondents in 2017. It found that of DRI Certified Professionals, 34 percent are women, with the data showing that women are slightly more likely than men to hold multiple certifications in the same career track and that the percentage of female speakers at DRI conferences tops 30 percent, while other conferences in the space lag behind with only 20 percent of speakers being female. WBCM is now the largest membership organization in our space with 800+ members and has awarded more than 50 scholarships. WBCM’s goals are to:
    • Bring women together to forge strong personal networks and assist women in advancing within their chosen fields.
    • Explore and recommend specific actions and strategies to serve the needs of women in these professions.
    • Find out more here.
  • DRI Foundation Veterans Outreach Program: The DRI Foundation is committed to helping our veterans succeed. In 2016, the DRI Foundation created the Veterans Outreach Program to help our veterans realize their dreams and help both themselves and their respective organizations achieve great success as they transition into the professions of emergency response, crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery. The Veterans Outreach Program’s focus is to establish an industry-first “giving-back” scholarship program to active duty or recently separated (within five years) veterans of our United States Military. 
    • 1,000+ scholarships have been awarded to date.
    • Since its inception, there has been a focus on helping disabled veterans through initiatives such as giving to Disabled American Veterans in 2016 and conducting special training with Wounded Warriors in 2018 and 2019.
    • Find out more here.
  • Supporting Young Leaders in Resilience: The DRI Foundation believes that educating our youth about the importance of disaster preparedness today is key to guaranteeing a more resilient community in the future. Made possible through donations from DRI and DRI Canada, the DRI Foundation Scholarship is the result of our commitment to education. Since 2015, the DRI Foundation has awarded two scholarships each year to students who not only excel in academic performance and volunteerism, but demonstrate interest in our profession by writing an essay. Find out more here. In addition, New Leaders in Resilience (NLR) is a committee affiliated with DRI International established in 2016 to develop tomorrow’s risk leaders, serving resilience, business continuity, risk management and related disciplines through developing and supporting relationships amongst its practitioners. The goal is to engage new members of the field with professional resources, networking events, certification opportunities, and more.
  • Commitment to Accessibility: DRI International is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access the content offered through our website, www.drii.org, including our examinations. In 2019, we added an accessibility statement to our website and created a process to support it. We are also mindful of accessibility in our choice of venues for all DRI events.

Engagement for Inclusion

Diversity is an essential part of resilient communities. The DRI Foundation was founded in 2011 with a mission to provide financial, educational and volunteer aid to those who have been impacted by disasters. The Foundation strives to provide training and employment to those who have specific needs that will further the goal of creating a more prepared and resilient world. We support them in many ways, through our annual volunteer day, various global giving initiatives with a special focus on vulnerable communities who are most impacted by disasters, and a commitment to giving back.

We are also committed to reporting on all of our initiatives and providing open access to our ever-expanding knowledge base and thought leadership.