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Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor (CBCLA)

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The Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor is a professional certification for audit team leaders. The requirements to be a CBCLA reflect significant audit experience as well as extensive understanding in emergency management, enterprise risk management and business continuity. Those who have been responsible for planning, scheduling and implementing an audit program are excellent candidates for CBCLA. This designation can be jointly held with other certifications that we offer.

The Certification Process

The CBCLA level of certification is reserved for those professionals that can demonstrate knowledge, experience and leadership in business continuity, emergency management and/or auditing.

There is a prerequisite course requirement for the Auditor Qualifying Examination.

Application Waiver: For those holding current certifications with DRI International, ISACA and ISC2 organizations (CISA, CISSP), a portion of the experience section of the application will be waived.

CBCLA Certification Details

Prerequisite Exam
Application Fee
Annual Renewal Fee
Years of Experience
Subject Matter Area Essays (SMEs)
References Required
2 per subject matter area
Waivers Available
Reference requirements waived for: MBCP, CISA, CISSP, CISM or CGEIT (in Good Standing)
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To apply for CBCLA certification, all applicants must:

  1. Possess at least five years of significant, practical experience.
  2. Pass the Auditor Examination.
  3. Complete the Online Application for Professional Certification by logging into your DRI account.
  4. Provide references to confirm your experience in business continuity planning, emergency and disaster management and/or audit. Experience must have occurred within a ten-year period from your application date.

Important Note: Inform your references about your application. Ask for their prompt assistance when DRI International requests validation of your experience and subject area pages. Incomplete applications cause delays in the process, and we may require additional steps and requests to you for additional information.
Once your references have validated your experience, the Certification Commission will review your application. This review may also prompt the Certification Commission to contact you for additional information.

About References

Applicants must provide the names and contact information for at least two individuals who can document your experience in each Subject Area.

The total number of references you provide can be as few as two (if both references can attest to all your required subject areas), or many more (if different references are provided for each of your required subject areas).

Additional references may be provided to save processing time, if the first two references cannot provide verification.

List all the references you need to document your minimum two years of required experience. Some individuals will list several, while others may list only two. Just make sure that the references you select can verify a minimum of two (2) years of your business continuity experience.

For additional detail on certification levels and recertification requirements, please follow the links provided, go to the FAQ section or contact the director of certification via email or by calling +1-866-542-3744.

Important Note: This entire process can take several weeks. DRI International contacts all applicants upon approved. Once approved, professional certification status and recertification period documents are provided. If you are not approved and wish to re-apply, contact the Certification Department for additional information on how to re-apply.

Certification Maintenance

To remain in good standing, CBCLAs must:

  • Comply with the DRI International Code of Ethics.
  • Pay all annual maintenance fees.
  • Obtain a minimum number of continuing education points by submitting Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs) Reporting Forms on a regular basis.

All Certified Professionals, vendors and auditors receive an annual maintenance fee invoice. Upon receipt of payment, CEAPs are verified and the professional certification card updated in your DRI account.

CBCLAs must submit all qualifying CEAP activities within 90 days of the end of your current certification period.

DRI International sends a CEAP Status Report after every CEAP submission.

For more details on recertification or certification maintenance, please visit the FAQ section on this subject.


No Re-Examination Required

If you hold a current DRI International certification in good standing, you do not need to re-take the Qualifying Exam if you want to upgrade your certification. If you are upgrading to the CFCP or CBCP level, you will re-apply through the application website using your previous application's log in information. If you wish to apply for the MBCP certification, you must receive a passing score on the Master's Case Study Exam in order to start the application.

Retired (Ret.)

Certification Retirement provides a means for professionals to maintain certification for periods of time when they are not working directly in the field or if they are retiring from the industry. There are many excellent reasons for retiring your certification, but letting it lapse is always a mistake. Retiring is simple - Give us a call today.