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Hiring a Business Continuity Professional

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This hiring guide is intended for use by human resources (HR) professionals and learning and development managers.

No matter what your business, it’s operating in an increasingly complex world fraught with risks and vulnerabilities.

An investment in business continuity management is your best bet to meet these challenges while honoring obligations to your customers, shareholders, partners, and employees. Business continuity management will reduce risks, minimize losses, and help your organization meet contractual obligations.

Hiring the right business continuity professionals will enable your organization to withstand any crisis and come through even stronger. Because of the importance of these positions, more and more organizations are exclusively recruiting certified business continuity professionals.

As the oldest and largest nonprofit institute representing business continuity management and resilience fields, DRI International has developed a guide to help you entitled Hiring a Business Continuity Professional. Download our complete Hiring Guide free here or continue below to read a summary. For more information about business continuity management in general, click here.

What is a Business Continuity Professional?

The profession of business continuity planner is officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a Bright Outlook profession and is defined as follows:

It is important to keep in mind that the more complex your organization, the greater your business continuity staffing needs will be. Building a business continuity team that meets your organization’s needs has never been more essential.

Making the Right Staffing Decision

If hiring the right business continuity professional seems like an important decision now, wait until you’re faced with a crisis. What you need in a business continuity professional depends on the nature of your business, the existing state of your business continuity program, and the type of leadership you need in your organization. The good news is that your decision will be made easier and more confidently by examining the certification held by business continuity professionals.

What’s Behind Certification?

Find out why CBCP is considered an in-demand certification by the Department of Labor.

Certification is more than letters after a candidate’s name. A DRI International certification is the most widely recognized and respected business continuity certification in the world. DRI only certifies professionals that have demonstrated both knowledge and experience. Certification is a two-part process – verification of knowledge and confirmation of experience – and is offered at experienced and novice levels. Our offerings are designed to meet the needs of public and private sector professionals in a variety of roles, including business continuity, cyber resilience, emergency management, risk management, disaster response, crisis management, disaster recovery, and resilience. Visit our Certification Overview page for more information about all the certifications available.

DRI certifications are not for sale and cannot be obtained through alternate routes. Only hard work, demonstration of experience, and a commitment to the business continuity and/or disaster recovery profession can earn you a DRI certification. When you meet a job applicant with a DRI certification, you’ll know that they’ve demonstrated training, experience, and a commitment to their ongoing professional development – and through that, a commitment to the business continuity profession. You can feel confident that a DRI Certified Professional is someone who has not only said they’ve done something, but actually done it…and, for that reason, is someone who deserves a closer look. Find out more about the value of certification here.

To determine if candidates are certified, look for their digital badge on our Acclaim page. Representing DRI certification as a digital badge gives DRI Certified Professionals a way to share their skillset, accomplishments and expertise in the profession online in a way that is simple, trusted, and can be easily verified in real time. Acclaim is the gold standard in digital badging, used by others such as ISACA, PMI, Adobe and Microsoft.

Suggested Salary Ranges for Business Continuity Professionals

Hiring a business continuity professional will provide the skills and knowledge to establish your organization’s business continuity program. Like any other organization-wide program, it’s not enough to just hire the right leadership. A strong, sustained program will require a careful assessment of your organization’s risks, a commitment to engage all parts of your organization on a sustained basis, and the right level of training for those who will take on functional roles.

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DRI International has developed a guide entitled Hiring a Business Continuity Professional. Download the complete guide free here.

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