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Business Continuity Planning for Insurance Professionals



Business Continuity Planning for Insurance Professionals
Duration: ½ day of instruction
4 Continuing Education Activity Points may be awarded towards recertification if applicable

Cost: $399.00


Insurance professionals and risk managers alike need to understand the issues surrounding business continuity management (BCM), and this course will provide that knowledge base. You will learn the vital information necessary to develop a full risk transfer mechanism that ties business-related impacts to insurance coverage and helps identify strategies leading to better use of extra expense insurance coverage. Starting with a view of business continuity from risk assessment and mitigation, and continuing through claims processing, the course focuses on and strategies that will help companies reduce the impact of disasters. The analysis phase provides a greater understanding of quantifiable impacts that can then be applied to accurately calculating business interruption insurance. The strategic options that help companies relocate business operations and recover data elements may determine the amount of extra expense insurance required by a company.


1. Differentiate between business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency response, crisis management and response management
2. Identify the components of business continuity
3. Recognize the organizational drivers for business continuity management
4. Define and describe the role of the insurance professional regarding business continuity
5. Apply insurance principles and products to support business continuity


Lesson 1: What is business continuity?

Lesson 2: Why are organizations doing business continuity?

Lesson 3: What are the main components of business continuity?

Lesson 4: Who needs business continuity?

Lesson 5: What role can insurance play in business continuity?