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Stephanie Livingston Miller

We reach out and engage as many audiences as possible using broad media coverage to provide a forum for discussion. We serve as a trusted resource to other professions and the general public.

Rising costs, labor and supply shortages weigh on SMEs – NBC10 Philadelphia

Last year it hit small businesses across the country, but some are preparing for improvements in 2021. Chloe Demrovsky, CEO of DisasterRecovery Institute International, attended LX News and explained what companies should expect in 2021 and how to do it. You can start preparing now. Read More...


Q&A: Returning to work in the new normal

Jerome Ryan: "Business continuity plans that were developed before or at the start of the pandemic served their purpose in the initial weeks and months following its onset. But the disruption to the workforce, business operations and technology has outpaced the projected timelines. What has followed is an acceleration of digital transformation init ... Read More...


Business Continuity Plans Hand a Lifeline to SMBs

Small- and medium-sized businesses should leverage certified professionals to develop business continuity plans that allow for continued operations.



NBCLX - March 10, 2021

DRI President Chloe Demrovsky joins the show to discuss safely re-opening businesses during COVID-19. Watch Now...


Wharton Business Daily - Mar. 10, 2021

DRI's Chloe Demrovsky offers recommendations for opening up businesses safely during the pandemic. Listen Now...


Leader ReadyCast - Episode 33: 2020 in review and a look forward to 2021 with Chloe Demrovsky, President and CEO, DRI

Chloe Demrovsky, President and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute. DRI is the oldest and largest nonprofit that helps organizations around the world prepare for and recover from disasters by providing education, accreditation, and thought leadership in business continuity, disaster recovery, cyber resilience and related fields. We discuss what happ ... Listen Now...


How Companies Can Open Safely during COVID-19 - AM Tampa Bay 3/8/21

Chloe Demrovsky, President and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International, joined AM Tampa Bay on how companies can open safely during COVID-19. Listen Now...


Top Risks To Consider Before We Return To Work

"I’ve been having interesting conversations with members of the risk and resilience community on managing return-to-work issues as we start to plan for the end of the Covid-19 crisis. While we now know that much work can be done from home, few leaders want to stay fully remote. According to PwC, three days per week in the office is emerging as t ... Read More...


CAN DO Innovation Summit Receives 1400 Virtual Visitors

Highlights from the day include keynote talks from .... Chloe Demrovsky, the youngest and first female chief executive to oversee and expand the Disaster Recovery Institute’s international network; Dyan Finkhousen, founder and CEO of Shoshin Works in the US and John Reid, CEO of the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS). Read More...


CAN DO Innovation Summit | Resilience, Sustainability, and Inclusivity

In her presentation, Chloe Demrovsky from Disaster Recovery Institute warned that one of the greatest lessons of the pandemic was how unprepared the world was, despite all the warning signs and near misses over the past few decades. As such, all players in the global economy need to be prepared for the potential shocks and catastrophes the world is ... Read More...


Scotland's national innovation summit names winning SMEs

This year’s CAN DO Innovation Summit, a headline event of the VentureFest Scotland festival of innovation, will feature a speaker line-up of more than 40 multi-sector SMEs and a range of innovation support agencies, across 12 industry-led panel sessions. Read More...


Firms secure place on CAN DO Innovation Summit

Others addressing the event are Chloe Demrovsky, the youngest and first female chief executive to oversee and expand the Disaster Recovery Institute’s international network and Dyan Finkhousen, founder and CEO of Shoshin Works in the US. Read More...


Grupo Daryus abre vagas para profissionais de tecnologia e gestão empresarial

Sua área de Educação formou mais de 30 mil profissionais em gestão de riscos, segurança da informação e continuidade de negócios e representa exclusivamente, desde 2005, o Disaster Recovery Institute International - USA, maior instituto no tema do mundo. É pioneira na criação dos cursos de pós-graduação de segurança da informação, ... Read More...


Proteção de Dados: Empresa promove webinar sobre o que fazer para estar em Compliance com a LGPD

Sua área de Educação formou mais de 30 mil profissionais em gestão de riscos, segurança da informação e continuidade de negócios e representa exclusivamente, desde 2005, o Disaster Recovery Institute International - USA (www.drii.org), maior instituto no tema do mundo. É pioneira na criação dos cursos de pós-graduação de segurança d ... Read More...


How Small Businesses Can Set Themselves Up for Success in the New Year After a Brutal 2020

The past year has taken a massive toll on small businesses across the country, but some can start preparing for a better 2021. The CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International, Chloe Demrovsky, joined LX News to explain what businesses should expect in 2021 and how they can start preparing now. Watch Now...


CAN DO Innovation Summit | Helping SMEs Innovate to Grow in Challenging Times

A free, virtual event being held on 3rd February 2021, the CAN DO Innovation Summit, will focus on discovery, resilience and growth to help businesses navigate their way through unprecedented challenges. Confirmed keynote speakers are: Chloe Demrovsky, the youngest and first female chief executive to oversee and expand the Disaster Recovery Ins ... Read More...


Forget 2020. Here’s What Not To Do In 2021.

"2020 is going down in the history books as the year that we would all like to forget. Here’s a shortlist of top ‘don’ts’ to future-proof our organizations and get this decade back on track in 2021." Read More...


CGTN America - Dec. 14, 2020

For more on how the pandemic has transformed the holiday season's commercialism, CGTN’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Chloe Demrovsky, president and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International. Watch Now...


Natural Disasters, Disease, Instability: Commercial Insurance Risk Assessment in an Era of Global Uncertainty

Cyber security was a top concern for global business even before COVID-19 sent companies and customers flocking to the digital landscape. According to DRI International’s 5th Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report, concerns over a major successful cyber attack topped the list of risks businesses feared, both overall and in particular regions an ... Read More...


Why Cities Will Bounce Back Post-Coronavirus

"Is the coronavirus pandemic actually the death of the city or will our superstar megacities bounce back brighter than ever? Experts have debated the issue without consensus, so I decided to go directly to a leader who is not only an expert on cities, but also on what makes them resilient to shocks like the Covid-19 pandemic." Read More...


The hard business lessons Covid is about to teach

Listening to him talk reminded me of a question that keeps recurring as the Covid crisis goes on.

Will my friend’s discovery – and others like it – end up leaving even deeper scars on some business sectors than the lockdowns and social distancing that are causing so much financial pain today? Read More...


The hard business lessons Covid-19 is about to teach

Some things may change permanently, but not as many as we now think... Read More...


Understanding BC, resilience standards and how to comply

Consider contracting outside professionals if internal audit is not able to participate in compliance activities. Look for providers who have been certified as auditors for specific BC/resilience standards, such as ISO 22301:2019. Two organizations that provide such accreditations are Disaster Recovery Institute International and International Cons ... Read More...


Some organisations may not be able to recover from COVID-19

Businesses forced to close during COVID-19 may struggle to restart operations when recovery from the pandemic begins, the Disaster Recovery Institute International cautioned. Read More...


The Hard Lessons COVID is About to Teach

“This is the sort of thing that people do when they get together,” [Demrovsky] told me recently. Some things may change permanently, but not as many as we now think. “Right now, we're in a strange period of rediscovery,” she says, and it may not last.  Read More...


Leading speakers lined up for Scotland CAN Do innovation summit

The summit will aim to support small to medium sized businesses (SMEs), helping them to adopt new technologies, build progressive working cultures and access the right support to enable innovation-led recovery and growth. Other speakers confirmed for the event include Chloe Demrovsky, chief executive of the Disaster Recovery Institute’s internati ... Read More...


Finding Serendipity During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Summer is drawing to a close, schools are reopening (maybe), and the pandemic feels like it’s going to slog on forever. The future is wildly uncertain and yet the days drag on predictably. How can we create moments of serendipity to break up the monotony? To find out, I spoke with Dr. Christian Busch, Director of the CGA Global Economy Program at ... Read More...


Fox News - Aug. 27, 2020

DRI President Chloe Demrovsky discussed preparedness challenges for areas affected by Hurricane Laura. Watch Now...


Futurized Podcast - Sept. 14, 2020

Chloe Demrovsky, CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute is interviewed by futurist Trond Arne Undheim. In this conversation, which is a precursor to an upcoming deep dive into risk and resilience in the next decade, they talk about what risk management is all about, how executives can handle disasters, and map out some of the needed vocabulary to start ... Listen Now...


NBCLX - July 24, 2020

DRI's Chloe Demrovsky joins the show to discuss the challenges and risks of reopening schools during #COVID-19. Watch Now...


PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman - July 13, 2020

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio series featuring DRI CEO Chloe Demrovsky and other guests on the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges schools face as they plan to reopen. Listen Now...


Pandemic Tests Resiliency of Buildings and Business Continuity Plans

In spite of the SARS outbreak of 2002, the swine flu epidemic in 2009 and the Ebola scare during 2014 to 2016, for example, Al Berman, chairman of the board and treasurer for Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI), says in the building industry, “nothing has really changed because [other pandemics] have been nothing like this one. This i ... Read More...


Business Continuity Plans Are Vital, Especially During a Crisis

The Disaster Recovery Institute International has spent decades training and certifying business continuity professionals. Here are its tips for coming back from a pandemic. Read More...


Building Brand Trust in Uncertain Times – Global Experts Weigh In

"...according to our experts, remaining completely quiet for fear of saying the wrong thing can be just as damaging. Their advice: Get out ahead of your message as quickly as you can and deliver as much detail as is appropriate for each stakeholder community, without sacrificing accuracy." Read More...


Randi Zuckerberg Means Business - July 1, 2020

DRI's Chloe Demrovsky joined SiriusXM Business Radio host Randi Zuckerberg to talk about how to prepare for the "new normal."


Morning Briefing with Tim Farley - June 30, 2020

DRI's Chloe Demrovsky appeared on SiriusXM to discuss the latest updates on the pandemic.


COVID-19: Strengthening business resilience through peer-to-peer support

As put by Chloe Demrovsky, CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) and member of UNDRR Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) in a recent article published by Forbes, over the last months her institute has been receiving multiple requests from companies and organizations that don’t have a business continui ... Read More...


The Covid-19 Domino Effect, What’s Next?

That the Covid-19 pandemic would have cascading impacts was predictable. But what’s next and why? To find out, I spoke with Trond Undheim, futurist, CEO, professor at MIT and author of the forthcoming The Pandemic Aftermath: How Coronavirus Changes Global Society. What he has to say should give you cause for concern. Read More...


The Risks of Reopening

Shutting down the global economy in the age of Covid-19 was tough. Reopening is proving even harder. How should organizations continue operating in this new normal? What are best practices and lessons learned from past outbreaks including SARS, MERS, H1N1, H5N1, Zika, and Ebola, and other hazards. In this podcast, Chloe Demrovsky, President & CEO o ... Listen Now...


Why Resilience Must Drive Covid-19 Recovery According To Risk Experts

"Leaders across business and government are reevaluating the status quo and evaluating lessons learned as we emerge from the initial Covid-19 lockdown phase. They will make strategic decisions that will have long-term impacts and outlive the pandemic. What have we learned and what should they consider when reevaluating preparedness overall and supp ... Read More...


Overnight with Darren Adam - May 17, 2020

DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky joined the show to discuss how reopening schools will impact return to work and whether work from home will become the new standard moving forward.
Listen Now...


What is a Professional Risk Manager (PRM)?

The CRMP is offered by DRI International to applicants with more than two years of risk management experience. The CRMP certification is designed for individuals with a specialized background in risk management. The designation shows that a person possesses the knowledge and experience required to implement and manage a business risk management pro ... Read More...


Shipping Entered The ‘New Normal’ Before COVID-19

In a recent BBC report, Chloe Demrovsky, chief executive officer of the Disaster Recovery Institute International, stated that “when the economy reopens, it won’t go back to how it was all at once; our habits may have changed, together with the width of our wallets”. Read More...


Recovery expert: 'Some businesses will never reopen'

When economies eventually re-open, many businesses will stay shut as they struggle with the new environment. That is the fear from a global disaster recovery group that helps businesses recover from crises like coronavirus. Read More...


Recovery expert: 'Some businesses will never reopen'

"When the economy reopens, it won't go back to how it was all at once," said Chloe Demrovsky, chief executive of DRI, a non-profit organisation. "Our habits may have changed together with the width of our wallets." Read More...


Reopening businesses will be harder than shutting them down, says disaster recovery expert

“Customers are going to be demanding not just assumptions of safety but visible steps and measures that companies are taking on behalf of their employees and on behalf of their customers,” Chloe Demrovsky, CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International, told CNBC on Wednesday. Read More...


Qué son las "oficinas secretas" y cómo son una alternativa al teletrabajo en crisis como la del coronavirus

De acuerdo a Chloe Demrovsky, presidenta y jefa ejecutiva del Instituto Internacional de Recuperación de Desastres, las pandemias son un tipo de crisis muy específico.



Here are best steps to reopen an economy - CNBC Apr. 22, 2020

CNBC's Kelly Evans breaks down a possible plan to reopen the economy and what the world may look like in a post-coronavirus world with Chloe Demrovsky of DRI (Disaster Recovery Institute) International. Watch Now...


Op-Ed: Pivot or Perish

Forbes senior contributor Chloe Demrovsky in a recent article noted and I agree, “you should think about how you can continue to operate if 35-40 percent of your workforce is out sick.” I must add that a BCP without both an RA and BIA is ultimately planning to fail during a crisis. Read More...


Overnight with Darren Adam - Apr. 15, 2020

DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky joined LBC Radio's Darren Adam to discuss the benefits and risks of reopening the economy. Listen Now...


Planning To Cope With Every Crisis

Pinpoint risks that are both inherent (automatic) and residual (after mitigating controls are implemented), then amplify them. Forbes senior contributor, Chloe Demrovsky, in a recent article wrote: "You should think about how you can continue to operate if 35-40 percent of your workforce is out sick." I must add that a BCP without both an RA and BI ... Read More...


COVID-19 Brings About Mass Digital Adoption

One mitigation factor that is the hands of companies is the robustness of any Business Continuity Plans (BCP) put in place. Clara Pat Ro, who is also a Certified Business Continuity Planner with the Malaysia Disaster Recovery Institute, weighs in: “It all depends on whether the company has put in place pandemic plans for the organisation.” Read More...


No Business Continuity Plan For COVID-19? Start Here.

From a safe social distance, I’ve been fielding frantic calls from organizations that don’t have a business continuity plan to help them respond to the spread of the COVID-19 global pandemic. I’ve also gotten calls from those who do, but there is nothing in it for a pandemic scenario, which manifests itself differently from natural disasters ... Read More...


Disaster Recovery Plan: essential for the efficient functioning of organizations (Spanish Language)

It is necessary that a Disaster Recovery Plan is adjusted to the needs of each company ... for this it is recommended to have the support of certified personnel in reference frameworks such as those of the DRI (Disaster Recovery Institute International). Read More...


PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman - How to Navigate Your Business Through the Coronavirus Shutdown

Ryan and Felix talk to disaster relief expert Chloe Demvrosky about how businesses should navigate the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent economic turmoil. Listen Now...


How firms move to secret offices amid Covid-19

Pandemics are a very specific kind of crisis, notes Chloe Demrovsky, president and chief executive of Disaster Recovery Institute International. The main threat that firms have been preparing for in recent years has been a major cyber-attack, she says: “Pandemic was kind of sitting on the back burner.” Read More...


Newsmax Now with John Bachman

DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky was interviewed on COVID-19 and its effect on businesses and the economy. Watch Now...


Small business loan program help for businesses suffering from coronavirus closures opens in Tampa

Florida SBDC Network business consultants, many of whom are Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) Certified Business Continuity Professionals, are available to assist small businesses through the loan application process and with other COVID-19-related challenges at no-cost. Read More...


NewsTalk Radio Mar. 13, 2020

DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrvosky joined the program to discuss the coronavirus's impact on businesses and the stock market. Listen Now...


Newsy - Mar. 5, 2020

U.S. officials say the risk to the public is still low. How worried should Americans be about its spread? Are there enough testing kits for coronavirus? The Trump administration has been criticized for its handling of the coronavirus. I want to get your response to a Washington Post report. It says: "Interviews with nearly two dozen administrat ... Listen Now...


Sky News - Mar. 2, 2020

DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky joins the program to discuss coronavirus and how it's affecting businesses. Listen Now...


Why The Business Impact Of The Coronavirus Will Linger—And What To Do About It

Why are markets so spooked? The economic concerns are not so much about the virus itself. They are about the prolonged impact of supply shortages paired with wavering consumer confidence and reduced spending due to response measures. With case numbers growing in Italy, supply chain fears increase. The spread of Covid-19 and attempts to contain it a ... Read More...


The Tom Swarbick Show - Coronavirus—impact on business and supplies

The global business impact will linger. Can businesses continue to operate if 35-40% of their workforce is out sick? They need to monitor the situation closely and activate pandemic preparedness plans. Listen Now...


6 global business risks to keep an eye on in 2020 (Portuguese)

O aumento da tensão entre os EUA e o Irã colocou líderes em alerta para ataques cibernéticos de nações, mas isso é apenas uma parte de uma ameaça muito mais complexa. As empresas estão preocupadas com a ameaça de um grande ataque cibernético depois que estimadamente 8,5 bilhões de contas foram comprometidas em 2019. Read More...


Rampaging forest fires: Three things companies can learn (Japanese Language)

Although wildfires in California have been slowly redressing, forest fires in Australia are still ongoing. Even if your company's business is literally on fire, business leaders can learn something important from preparing for natural disasters. Here are three lessons learned from companies that strive to take responsible and sustainable action. Read More...


Coronavirus: Best Practices to Keep Businesses Running

“Update and review pandemic preparedness plans,” said Chloe Demrovsky, president and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International, which is focused on helping organizations prepare for and recover from disasters. “If you don’t have one, now is the time to write one. It needs to have leadership buy-in and clear objectives, a thorough ris ... Read More...


The novel coronavirus' impact on China's economy

While many Chinese cities remain under lockdown, local businesses are taking a hit. Chloe Demrovsky, President and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International, says large companies like Alibaba, have plans in place for situations like this, but smaller companies don’t . Read More...


LBC: The Darren Adam Show

The the Jan. 28 show featured an interview with immunologist Prof Stan Perlman & DRI President Chloe Demrovsky on the coronavirus outbreak.


What Businesses Can Do In Response To The Coronavirus

The headline-making coronavirus that originated in China continues to spread with nearly 3,000 confirmed cases and 80 deaths across 12 countries according to the World Health Organization. The potential business impacts could be devastating. What should all businesses be doing now? Read More...


The past, present and future of business continuity and disaster recovery

Business Continuity emerged as a formal discipline with the aim of preserving essential customer services, revenue generation, essential support services, customer, shareholder and employee confidence, and the public image of the company. The formation of the US Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) in 1988 and the UK-based Business Continuity Insti ... Read More...


Watch Out For These Global Business Risks In 2020

What do the 2020s have in store? Here’s a breakdown of top risks that should be on your radar - cyber resilience, economic and political issues, natural disasters, and more. Read More...


The Best Backup and Disaster Recovery Events and Conferences to Attend in 2020

The editors at Solutions Review have created this list of the year’s most anticipated backup and disaster recovery events to attend. We’ve scoured the web, consulted with conference representatives, and identified where the industry’s top brass will be spending their time. If you are looking for top-notch keynotes, interesting sessions, best ... Read More...


The Best Business Continuity Certifications for Data Protection Professionals

What are the best business continuity certifications that any backup and disaster recovery administrator should consider earning? Certifications are a great way for IT professionals to show their knowledge in a particular field or demonstrate their qualifications. For those in the business continuity space, there are several certifications that sho ... Read More...


Three Business Takeaways From The Wildfires

California’s wildfires are slowly being brought under control, but bushfires are still burning in Australia. Whether your business is literally in the line of fire or not, there are key lessons that any business leader can apply when preparing for natural disasters. Read More...


18 top orgs, events, certifications for disaster recovery pros

If you're responsible for disaster recovery (DR) in your organization, you know exactly what the hot seat feels like. The second the lights go out, the clock starts ticking on the recovery time objectives. That's when you find out if disaster recovery are just words in your organization, or a real discipline. Read More...


[Spanish Language] Companies, Federal Government and experts, promote agenda to strengthen resilience

With the support of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), the ARISE Forum “Resilience for All: the importance of understanding risk” was held, where the Sector met for the first time in Mexico Private, the Federal Government and more than 300 experts to agree on an agenda on risk and disaster management due to the clima ... Read More...


The Morning Drive with Jillian Barberie and John Phillips - Oct. 31, 2019

DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky joined California's "Morning Drive" radio show with Jillian Barberie and John Philips to discuss the wildfires raging throughout the state, how organizations protect their structures, and how to prepare for future disasters. The interview begins at the 21 minute mark. Listen Now...


Don’t Get Vaporized: A Regulatory Lesson From The Vaping Ban

Increased regulatory oversight of the booming e-cigarette industry should have been visible through the e-mist. Any business involved in the manufacture and sale of these products could have predicted it and used that knowledge to come up with a plan to address it. For the big players, that could mean regulatory engagement, marketing shifts or prod ... Read More...


Gulf Coast Healthcare Facilities Prep for Increased Possibility of Hurricanes

“Hospitals suffer probably twice as much from disasters as everybody else,” Al Berman, president of the Disaster Recovery Institute Foundation, previously told HealthTech. “They have to deal with their own problems, and they have to deal with everyone else’s.” Read More...


What Does a Certified Risk Manager (CRM) Do?

The CRMP requires more than two years of experience, where the CRM suggests two years of experience. It’s designed for individuals with a more specialized background in risk management than the CRM. The CRMP validates that the professional has the experience and knowledge necessary to put in place and manage a business risk management program. DR ... Read More...


Should CEOs Take Aim at Controversies Like Gun Control?

Clearly, these CEOs feel they have to take a stand, have weighed the potential business impact and are trying to be proactive. It is too soon to see whether their gamble will be good or bad for business, but it is undoubtedly a high-risk bet." For Forbes Magazine, DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky considers a complicated subject: should bus ... Read More...


Why Ransomware Attacks On Local Government Matter

“Deliberate information technology (IT) disruption is considered a top risk to all organizations both in terms of likelihood and potential impact, according to a survey of resilience professionals by DRI International. While IT disruption can occur as the result of a variety of incidents—from natural disasters to update errors—intentional dis ... Read More...


After El Paso And Dayton: Resilience In The Face Of Trauma

Strong leadership will be required to address this traumatic topic in a caring and meaningful way. To help prepare, every kind of organization needs to have an emergency action plan for how to address active shooter terrorism and other forms of workplace violence. Read More...


Disaster recovery as a service is growing, but tape won’t die

Up to half of organizations could not survive if a natural disaster or severe malware attack eliminated or cut access to primary data stores because they don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, according to Al Berman, CEO of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) Foundation. Short of a company standing up a dedicated DR data center – as la ... Read More...


Firm restates needs for BCM

Nigeria’s representative in Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) Philip Keshiro has advised government agencies to consider Business Continuity Management (BCM) to recover from disasters. Read More...


Changing Times, Changing Needs

Data theft and manipulation, extreme weather events becoming commonplace and fake news have all been raised by various commentators in the arena, not least of which is the annual Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) annual report, the “4th Annual BCM Trends and Predictions Report”. Read More...


What's New (and What Isn't) in Business Continuity Planning - Part 2

DRI reports that consolidation of resilience disciplines has increased over the past year. The main result of this is that fewer organizations have independent business continuity departments, with BC professionals being incorporated into existing risk management or information security divisions. Read More...


French-American Foundation celebrates 2019 'Young Leaders'

The French-American Foundation on Thursday unveiled the winners of their annual Young Leaders Program, a diverse group of government officials, business leaders, public advocates and educators, including DRI CEO Chloe Demrovsky. Read More...


Discussion centers on keeping Hampton Roads safe after emergencies

Armed with a host of resources, Kirchner suggested ... Disaster Recovery Institute International, a nonprofit that helps organizations prepare for and recover from disasters via education and accreditation. Read More...


Is Your Company The Next Target (Or Google Or Argentina) Of A Massive IT Failure?

Bloomberg reported that an internal Target glitch may cost the company up to $50 million. Cybersecurity incidents perpetrated by malicious actors may make the headlines more often because they are full of crime and international mystery. However, a plain old technology failure that is related to internal problems such as lack of investment or human ... Read More...


What is New (and What Isn’t) in Business Continuity Planning

Such is the uncertainty inherent in disaster preparedness. Still, Buffett was not going out on a limb in his prediction. The Disaster Recovery Institute’s 2019 Predictions Report included the following disasters and major disruptions: Read More...


What 'Game of Thrones' Teaches Us About Urban Resilience

"So what can leaders in the real world do to ensure that those institutions promote resilience against crises like fire, war or Grey Worm on a revenge quest?" Read More...


Notre-Dame In Flames: Protecting Our Cultural Treasures

What can we do to protect cultural treasures like Notre-Dame de Paris and stop tragedies like these from occurring? Read More...


The Broader Business Lessons From The Boeing 737 Crash

"...it is also essential that we discuss the business continuity aspects of an incident like this so that business leaders can manage events effectively, learn from mistakes, and try to prevent these things from happening again." Read More...


Businesses Turn to Simpler, Faster, More Reliable Disaster Recovery as a Service

Al Berman, president of the Disaster Recovery Institute Foundation and past president of Disaster Recovery Institute International, says that the popularity of DRaaS reflects a growing sense among IT leaders that antiquated backup solutions should be jettisoned in favor of more comprehensive disaster recovery strategies. Read More...


How The FaceTime Bug Puts Business At Risk (And What To Do About It)

Is the FaceTime bug a threat to your business? Maybe. Could it also be an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and foster trust? Certainly. Read More...


Don't Ignore These 10 Global Business Risks In 2019

If you are a business leader, you probably enjoy acting on your ideas and charging into the future fueled by optimism. But it is also your responsibility to plan for the panoply of risks—like increased technology threats and worrying climate challenges—that make it seem like we’re all living in a sci-fi blockbuster. Read More...


Marketscale Building Management: Managing Energy and Disasters

Today’s episode of the Building Management show makes you put your thinking caps on, as well as your safety ones. We dive into facility challenges at Amazon’s newest headquarters, the American future of green roofs, and best practices for renewable energy management. Featuring DRI CEO Chloe Demrovsky. Listen Now


Why Amazon HQ2 Will Need An Evacuation Plan

Overall, the decision will result in a positive economic outcome for Queens and its residents as well as a great fit for Amazon. What could possibly go wrong?

Remember that Hurricane?


Should We Trust Institutions Like Facebook, Or Quit Them?

"Facebook is hardly alone in facing public scandal over trust. We've seen a wave of recent scandals involving institutions that we trust with critical aspects of our lives and communications..." Read More...


Storm-Impacted Businesses Encouraged to Apply for SBDC Bridge Loan, Complete Disaster Assessment

Florida SBDC business consultants, many of whom are Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) Certified Business Continuity Professionals, are available to assist small businesses prepare disaster loan applications and with other post-disaster challenges at no-cost. Read More...


5 Ways to Fail Your Building’s Disaster Response

“Successful recoveries are all about preparation – knowing the resources you need, where they can be acquired, and how well you can perform using limited resources,” Berman adds. Read More...


Conference on Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity to be Held at UK

Disasters, whether natural or the result of human action, can happen at any time and often when they are unexpected. How can entities like businesses, organizations and schools continue operating after experiencing a disaster? A conference will be held at the University of Kentucky to address that subject. Read More...


Humboldt and wildfires provide lessons to disaster recovery professionals

“Organizations, large and small, find that many things ranging from severe weather to social media can suddenly impact their operations,” states Chloe Demrovsky, International President, Disaster Recovery Institute. Read More...


After Disaster Strikes, Technology Planning Is Critical to Helping Hospitals Rebuild

Given the emergency response role that healthcare institutions play in the wake of natural disasters, Al Berman, president of the Disaster Recovery International Foundation and past president of Disaster Recovery Institute International, says it’s important for those plans to be as comprehensive as possible. “Hospitals suffer probably twice ... Read More...


Gender parity in BCM

DRI CEO Chloe Demrovsky presents research aimed at achieving a better understanding of – and drawing attention to – the unique needs, interests and challenges of women in the professional field of business continuity management Read More...


Trust is not a strategy for cybersecurity

Berman noted that cyber hacking has matured to become a sophisticated industry seeking to penetrate devices and systems through the weakest link in the chain, with the goal of profitability. “It is a business and we have to deal with it as a business,” he explains. Read More...


Holding It All Together

Nature has a way of reminding us that we are at its mercy. While we’ve made remarkable technological advances to guard ourselves, our businesses, and our complex supply chains against natural disasters, nature remains a formidable foe. Read More...


Protect your business (and that of your customers) as a disaster recovery provider

The training and testing processes for business-continuity certification programs demonstrate that your staff is fully trained and knowledgeable in the field of business continuity. Most are built around commonly accepted industry standards. Some of the more recognized business-continuity certifications include the CBCP from DRI International Read More...


Disaster Politics Episode 8 - Business Continuity

The podcast is joined first by Chloe Demrovsky, CEO of DRI International, to talk about the big picture when thinking about business continuity, and why community resilience is so critical. Hear More


Best Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Certifications

"We chose the DRI Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) credential as the "poster child" for the organization, not only because it is the most popular and best recognized of its various certifications (13 in all), but also because it is preceded by an associate-level credential (ABCP), augmented by specialist certs (CFCP for various fun ... Read More...


Technology to the Rescue

Al Berman, former president of the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) and current president of the Disaster Recovery Foundation, believes the most important aspect of disaster recovery efforts is “communication, communication and more communication that can advance search and rescue efforts.” Read More...


Avoiding an IT meltdown

The secret to keeping everyone on side is clear messaging, timely updates and managing expectations, according to Al Berman of DRI International. "You are starting to see [airlines] talk in more plain language...[and] one of the things that airlines are doing better, they are managing expectations, they are starting to communicate." Read More...


5 Steps to Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyber Threats

With cyber threats affecting organizations worldwide, warding off cyber attacks and protecting against cyber espionage is becoming a top priority across industries. Manufacturers, distributors, and organizations, however, are not doing enough to make supply chains more resilient and prepared. Read More...


American industry launches UN backed network to build resilience to disasters

Vice-Chair of ARISE-US, Ms. Chloe Demrovsky, President of Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI), said: “We need to see the business community taking account of disaster risk before investing in new projects and avoiding the creation of disaster risk through lack of foresight or understanding of what creates disaster risk.” Read More


Top security certifications by infrastructure

"The Chemical Sector is an integral component of the U.S. economy that manufactures, stores, uses, and transports potentially dangerous chemicals upon which a wide range of other critical infrastructure sectors rely. Securing these chemicals against growing and evolving threats requires vigilance from both the private and public sector."—DHS Read More


Disaster planning tips for small businesses

Coming up with a process for protecting your records and data is also an important step. Chloe Demrovsky, president and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International, advises small businesses to "make copies of vital records and their most important documents and store them electronically, safely … [in] affordable cloud-based storage." Read More


Hurricane season prep: LI firms share lessons from Sandy

“It’s so important to have a plan,” says Chloe Demrovsky, president and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International, a Manhattan-based business-continuity and disaster-recovery education and certification organization. “When you see hurricane season is rolling around again, that means it has been a year, and it’s time to review your ... Read More


ANSI People on the Move

People on the Move highlights the career advancements of high-level trailblazers working professionally in diverse areas of standardization, contributing every day to the strength and success of the U.S. standards and conformance community. Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI), a member and accredited standards developer of the Americ ... Read More


Masters of Disaster

084: One Wicked Month: Harvey, Irma, Wildfires & Earthquakes! As global weather events rankle major markets and disrupt the transportation of goods, Chloe Demrovsky, President and CEO of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International discusses the impact of a region’s rate of recovery on the recovery of area companies and supply chains, wh ... Listen Now


Disaster recovery planning for your office: Practice makes perfect

As Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have shown, natural disasters can strike quickly with devastating consequences. Is your organization prepared to weather such an event? Read More


Will two disasters in three weeks move the cloud investment needle?

Over the medium to long term, two major storms in three weeks will strain supply chain networks and resources, especially when it comes to allocating human capital to respond and rebuild, according to Chloe Demrovsky, president and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International. Read More


Masters of Disaster Podcast

In episode 83, DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky discusses training for hurricanes, wildfires, data breaches, and more. Listen Now


Past disasters show a long recovery for small businesses

Companies whose workers can telecommute have a better chance of survival than a manufacturing company, says Chloe Demrovsky, CEO of the Disaster Recovery Institute International, which among other activities provides training on disaster preparation to small businesses. "For other types of businesses, it's going to be a lot harder — they have ... Read More


After a Katrina or Harvey, businesses suffer long after water recedes — many never recover

For small businesses, the recovery from hurricanes and other natural disasters can take years — if they can recover at all. Business owners in Houston have only just started assessing their damage and how to move forward. Many may find themselves facing the same hurdles and delays as small business owners who have been through other big storms. Read More


Past disasters show a long recovery for small businesses

Companies whose workers can telecommute have a better chance of survival than a manufacturing company, says Chloe Demrovsky, CEO of the Disaster Recovery Institute International, which among other activities provides training on disaster preparation to small businesses. Read More


India Needs To Be Far Better Prepared For Natural And Climate Disasters

India also has non-governmental entities such as the All India Disaster Mitigation Institute which focuses on planning actions, advocacy, and research on disaster mitigation. Private entities such as the Disaster Recovery Institute International offer training and certification in disaster recovery. Read More...


KXNT News Radio

Mayor Caroline Goodman declaring Feb. 25 DRI Foundation Volunteer day as the Foundation helps Veterans Village in Las Vegas. Listen Now


KXNT News Radio

DRI celebrates its Volunteer Day at Veterans Village, as the mayor declares Feb. 25 DRI Foundation Day. Listen now


KXNT Las Vegas News Radio

"In our first segment, KXNT correspondent Fred Halsteid talks about veterans here in Las Vegas and what Veterans Village is doing to help them." Listen Now


Good Morning Las Vegas

"Volunteers from the Disaster Recovery Institute are making Las Vegas a better place to live..." Watch Now


Veterans Village Housing Services Coming To Location Near Nellis

Volunteers from with the DRI Foundation, affiliated with the Disaster Recovery Institute, took a break from their meeting in Las Vegas to help out at Veterans Village apartments on East 21st Street. Veterans Village relies on donated labor for much of its rehab work. Hear More


Defending Your Organization Against Cyber Intrusions

The November/December issue of FMJ Magazine, the International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA) bi-monthly journal, includes a feature article from DRI President Al Berman and Anthony Pizzitola, MBCP, on defending your organization from cyber intrusions. Read More


How to complete a disaster recovery plan process without funding

Several organizations, such as the Business Continuity Institute and the Disaster Recovery Institute International, provide a wealth of information on all aspects of the profession, plus how-to articles that can help you get started. Read More


M'sia perlu tambah jumlah profesional miliki sijil BCM

Malay-language coverage of DRI-KL2016. Read More


Beware of Ransomware Attacks

Madius said, overall, awareness and knowledge on
BCM in Malaysia was still low. Therefore the ministry, through CyberSecurity Malaysia and DRI International, had been working together to organise BCM public awareness programmes. Read More


M'sia needs to increase BCM certified professionals

Malaysia needs to increase Business Continuity Management (BCM) certified professionals to safeguard an organisation and prepare for any untoward disasters. Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Madius Tangau said BCM certified professionals played a vital role to an organisation in ensuring that ... Read More


Increase to Online Security Threat

Chinese-language coverage of remarks from DRI-KL2016. Read More


Cybercrime is expected to reach 10,000 cases this year - Madius

The incidence of cyber crimes is expected to hit 10,000 cases by the end of this year. At DRI-KL2016 Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Datuk Madius Tangau said the increase was due to lack of public awareness on the issue of security of cyberspace. Read More


Cyber Security Risks Rise

Watch coverage from Malaysian news Channel 501's Astro Awani on DRI-KL2016. (Download or stream - Microsoft Silverlight required) Watch Now


MOSTI CyberSecurity Malaysia launching DRI’s Regional BCM Conference and Awards of Excellence

Watch Malaysian news coverage from the opening of DRI-KL2016. (Download, or stream - Microsoft Silverlight required) Watch Now


Madius raises alert on keeping business running in times of crisis

"Currently a total of 400 Malaysians are BCM certified professionals awarded by the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI International). BCM has become a crucial subject for all industries, both public and private sectors to understand, plan, develop and implement essential steps to overcome any disasters," Science, Technology and Innovat ... Read More


A silver lining in Rio despite pre-Games gloom and doom

With the opening of Rio 2016, concerns mount over the lack of adequate testing for newly built venues. Channel NewsAsia's William Denselow reports, with a response from DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky. Watch Now


DRI and Bowhead to provide risk management course

Disaster Recovery Institute International and UIC’s Bowhead Systems Management LLC have teamed up to provide a risk management course for business continuity professionals and other professionals looking for certification in risk management. Read More


Cyber Threats to Supply Chain Are On the Rise

Still, some companies don't do enough to protect their assets, sensitive data and information by addressing the risks within their networks. Many breaches don't start at the top attackers start somewhere in the supply chain and work their way up to the target through a trusted supplier. Read More


Is Brazil ready for the Olympic Games?

Disaster Recovery Institute executive director Chloe Demrovsky discusses business continuity plans ahead of Rio 2016. Amid a host of health and political disasters unfolding in the host nation, Demrovsky highlights infrastructure backlog as a key area of concern. Watch Now


Business Continuity Planning - What's Trending?

"...There are great frameworks and standards, such as ISO 22301 and DRI International's Professional Practices, to guide us..." Read More


From Postcard-Perfect to a Hot, Wet Mess: 2-3" Rain by Memorial Day?

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, consider making copies of your most important documents and storing them electronically, says Chloe Demrovsky, executive director at Disaster Recovery Institute International, a nonprofit specializing in business continuity and health and disaster emergency management. Read More


5 Surprising Ways Natural Disasters Can Hurt Your Finances

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, consider making copies of your most important documents and storing them electronically, says Chloe Demrovsky, executive director at Disaster Recovery Institute International, a nonprofit specializing in business continuity and health and disaster emergency management. Read More


Zika May Be Coming to New York City

Be especially vigilant during the day. "The thing to know about these Aedes mosquitoes is that they're aggressive daytime biters, so if you do get bitten in the daytime and it's a painful bite usually talk to your health care provider," says Chloe Demrovsky, executive director at Disaster Recovery Institute. Read More


Disaster recovery certification: Must have or nice to have?

"Technology is only one component of that, but it's obviously a very key component especially considering today when we are so reliant on technology to do everything that we do especially in service-related industries," Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky said. Read More


Tracking the Zika Epidemic

Chloe Demrovsky, executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute, said employers have a responsibility to their employees and to other stakeholders who could be affected by the virus. Employers need to recognize that requiring an employee to travel to an area where Zika is present is an irresponsible choice for the company, she said. Read More


Chipotle Strikes Back

"When you add complexity to a process or a program, there is potential for an elevated level of supply chain risk," says Chloe Demrovsky, Executive Director of DRI International. "Organizations need a program to constantly manage the risk and its effects as they emerge, especially as the suppliers are constantly changing." Read More


Great timing for a business continuity conference

"Companies that are hit the worst are small and medium-size businesses," said Al Berman, president and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International. His New York City-based nonprofit has organized a disaster recovery and business continuity event at the University of St. Thomas. The one-day conference slated for this Saturday was planned abo ... Read More


3 resources to help in a crisis

Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) certifies and provides support to disaster recovery and business continuity professionals. Thinking of pursuing it as a career? DRI has been around since 1988 and issues the respected CBCP (certified business continuity professional) credential. Read More


Catastrophic cyber attack on U.S. grid possible, but not likely

DRI President Al Berman said one reason is that, over the past decade, there has been tremendous sharing about threat information among utility companies. The ICS ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center) is enormously strong, he said. Read More


Global Connections Television with Bill Miller

Chloe Demrovsky, Executive Director, Disaster Recovery Institute International, describes the importance of working with the private sector to be prepared before, during and after human or natural disasters. Watch Now


DRI Nigeria - Radio Interview with Philip Keshiro on EKO 89.75 FM

DRI Nigeria's Philip Keshiro was interviewed on EKO 89.75FM, where he offered insights on about why business continuity is the modern way of managing disasters. (Note: Sound quality improves at the 2-minute mark) Listen Now


Don't fixate on things you can't know: Everyday business lessons from disaster-response experts

Nobody expected planes flying into skyscrapers on 9/11 but they were preparing for other types of attacks maybe bomb threats or natural disasters, hurricanes or tornadoes or something more obvious. What we do, in order to take an action-based approach, is we focus on the effects, DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky tells Quartz. Read More


Hacking Gains New Heights with Threat to Big Pharma

Al Berman, a healthcare-security expert, has an answer for the uptick in hacking attempts on Big Pharma. One of the reasons this is being done is for stock manipulation. If you can find out where somebody is in the testing phase for a drug if you can figure out where they are in that cycle or how well it's going, I think that's tremendous inform ... Read More


More than 60 schools flattened in Fiji

Disaster Recovery Institute director executive Chloe Demrovsky said even the smallest puddle could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying viruses.

"When a cyclone comes through, there tend to be a lot of places where there are puddles. It can breed in standing water as small as a tablespoon," she said. Read More


Gates Sees Both Sides in Apple vs. FBI Ruckus

"Gates is absolutely right," maintained Al Berman, president of DRI International. "It's a very specific case. It doesn't extend beyond this phone in the possession of the FBI," he told the E-Commerce Times. Read More


Two more cases of Zika virus diagnosed in Pennsylvania

"I think the important thing to remember is, we don't know a lot" about the virus, said Chloe Demrovsky, executive director of the nonprofit Disaster Recovery Institute in New York. She expects evolving guidance from the World Health Organization and the CDC, which has encouraged pregnant women to reconsider travel to outbreak-affected areas. Read More


FBI-Apple Standoff Was Years in the Making

"FBI wins, no big deal," Berman said. "Apple wins, big deal." Berman is president and CEO of the Disaster Recovery Institute, an organization that assists in disaster recovery, cyber or otherwise. He argued that the court ruling was tightly constructed and focused. Read More


Apple unlock ruling explained: What you need to know

"As soon as you raise the national security flag, it changes the argument,"said Al Berman. Read More


Identifying the security pitfalls in SDN

"SDNs are the new architecture for the new age of IT and [off-premises] processing," says Daniel Mikulsky, an IT disaster recovery instructor at the Disaster Recovery Institute International, which provides professional certifications and education programs. "With the rise of cloud services, big data and the consumerization of IT through mobile com ... Read More


Why hack the FDA?

"There has been a huge amount of hacking in the pharmaceutical world," said Al Berman, a health care security expert and president of DRI International. "One of the reasons this is being done is for stock manipulation. If you can find out where somebody is in the testing phase for a drug... if you can figure out where they are in that cycle or how ... Read More


Disaster Recovery Institute International Director Chloe Demrovsky on Germany's train crash

Police in Germany are saying reports that human error caused Tuesday's high-speed train collision is pure speculation. Ten people died and dozens were hurt in the accident. Now the focus is on finding out what actually did go wrong. Watch Now


Zika: Why do mosquitoes bite some people more?

Recent studies conclude that the based on amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon emitted during human respiration, carbon dioxide is one of the main reasons why some people are more prone to bites. These elements are indicators that a living being with blood is wax them. [Spanish language interview] Watch Now


Chipotle's Consumer Trust Crisis Enters a New Critical Phase

Ms. Demrovsky stressed how important and difficult it can be to restore consumer trust in a brand once it has tainted by unfortunate incidents. She also reminded me of how important it is for businesses to have business continuity and supply chain disruption plans in-place before any crisis occurs. Read More


Cyber Insurance is becoming more of a demand as cyber attacks are on the rise

"We're going to see a great demand for it after we saw the hacks where target's customers where it affected 40 million customers, we saw it in the office of personnel management. I think sooner or later, most organizations are going to have to purchase it because their customers are demanding that they purchase it," says DRI President Al Berman. Watch Now


NHS Grampian faces outbreak of cyber attacks

Al Berman, a US cyber security expert and president of the Disaster Recovery Institute, a not for profit organisation, said the healthcare industry is struggling to defend itself against cyber attacks. "The major banks have invested hundreds of millions of pounds on cyber security yet breaches still happen. I can't imagine the NHS has spent anythi ... Read More


Zika, the war that Brazil wants to win at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

The Zika virus has infected more than half a million people in Brazil, and it's estimated that at least half a million tourists are traveling to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics. The threat is latent and the South American country has already begun to fight. [Spanish-language interview] Watch Now


No immediate threat of Zika virus in South Mississippi

Chloe Demrovsky, Executive Director of DRI International, said pregnant women in their first trimester may be the group at greatest risk. "The major risk is thought to be for pregnant women as there have been reports that it may be linked to an increased incidence of microcephaly in infants, but more research needs to be done to determine whethe ... Read More


Q&A with Director of the Disaster Recovery Institute International

With all of the recent supply chain disasters being reported in the press, IBM's Christopher Sciacca thought it would be interesting to ask Chloe Demrovsky, the executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute International about the state of the global supply chain. Read More


The Docket: Residents file class-action lawsuit vs Gov. Snyder, State &...

Disaster Recovery Institute Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky says lead exposure from Lake Huron's drinking water is particularly dangerous to residents' future, particularly developing children's IQs. Watch Now


What Flint's Murky Waters Mean to You

"This should serve as a wake-up call to the entire nation." Chloe Demrovsky of the Disaster Recovery Institute is talking about the escalating water woes in Flint, Michigan. Read More


Fox 2 News: Officials Advise to Plan ahead for Tornadoes

Officials Advise to Plan ahead for Tornadoes
Published December 29, 2015
Unlike hurricanes, tornadoes can touch down with little to no warning that's why it's important to plan ahead. Watch Now


Organisational resilience: Protecting your people and business from fire

Gary Villeneuve, Director of Education at DRI International, outlines how an all-hazards approach is crucial for protecting an organisation and the people that make it valuable. Read More


Redefining the Role of General Counsel - Cybersecurity

Some attorneys are keeping a close eye on what is going on in banking, as they expect it will set the pace for cyber protections in other industries. On the national level, the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, in October 2013, issued a risk-management bulletin detailing expectations that banks practice effective risk management over activitie ... Read More


Should You Buy Cyber Insurance?

Berman stresses the need for legal counsel when selecting a policy. A lot can be at stake and the wording of a policy can be the difference between a large payout and deniability of a claim. Read More


Could IS Turn Next to Cyber War?

One path of attack that IS could take, DRI President Al Berman said, would be to siphon money from institutions - perhaps in the U.S., perhaps in the Middle East - in order to increase their funding as the extremist group's oil and tax money streams start drying up. Read More


Saying 'I Do' to Resilience - 10 Potential Barriers to Business Bliss

An innovative and successful organization is increasingly one that is resilient. Consider these 10 trouble spots that every organization needs to consider... for better or for worse. - By DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky Read More


The Dana Barrett Show

Al Berman, President of DRI International, phoned in to discuss cybersecurity and how it is rapidly growing. Hear More


Strategies for Protecting Water During an Emergency

Mike Morganti, board of directors member for DRI International, also stresses the critical nature of the water supply during an emergency. "When there is an incident that impairs the public water supply, such as an earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster, there may be serious health consequences," states Morganti. The loss of pumps could ... Read More


Nurturing Malaysia's next-gen cybersecurity professionals

Cyber Security Professional Development, a department in CyberSecurity Malaysia is also helping to develop the information security workforce with the required knowledge and skills by providing information security competency and capability programs and international certifications such as from the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII)' ... Read More


Risk: What Businesses Should Plan For in 2016

World Finance speaks with Chloe Demrovsky, Executive Director for Disaster Recovery Institute International, about how resilient companies will adapt to changes in 2016. Watch Now


From ethics to profitability: businesses must cover all bases in 2016

World Finance speaks with Chloe Demrovsky, Executive Director for Disaster Recovery Institute International, on the coming trends business should be preparing for. Watch Now


Hostile Nations Have Breached U.S. Infrastructure. But Don't Panic

Alan Berman, president of DRI International, noted that "having access and doing damage are two very different consequences," of cyber intrusions. Read More


Big Blend Radio: Disaster Preparedness

Chloe Demrovsky, Executive Director of DRI International, discusses disaster recovery and preparedness for businesses. Listen Now...


No One Is Safe

"The nation needs to create an environment that will foster the open exchange of information and subject matter expertise to combat the damaging acts of cyber terrorism." Read More


Data Breaches: The New Normal?

Hacking is so common today that even major data breaches may be filed under the "hack du jour," but what's the answer -- laws and stronger penalties, threat-intelligence sharing or sharing responsibility across the business all the way to the top? Read More


Preparing for the Worst: Business Continuity After Disaster

"Employees struggle to make it into work, and the facilities themselves aren't readily accessible. Because of a lack of resources, many municipal services, including public transportation, shut down, and schools as well, meaning childcare can be an issue," Demrovsky told Bloomberg BNA. Read More


Go Green Radio: How Businesses Can, and Should, Prepare for Natural Disasters

Host Jill Buck and DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky discuss: how damages from disasters can be prevented with a better risk management plan; climate resilience and how to build a roadmap for the next crisis; the lessons from disaster examples; what to do to maintain a level of stability should a similar event actually happen; and tips and tri ... Listen Now


Survey: CEOs Overestimate Coverage for Cyber and Reputation Risks

Among 10 suggested risk scenarios, the top risks in terms of impact and likelihood are: reputational damage from a sensitive data breach (impact 79% - likelihood 79%); the failure in a main IT data center (59% - 77%); and online services being unavailable due to a cyber attack (58% - 77%). The risks with the lowest potential impact originate from a ... Read More


Cyber, reputation risks remain top concerns: Marsh/DRI

CEOs are overestimating their business' insurance coverage for both most likely and high-impact risks, which a survey released this week by Marsh and Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) indicates are cyber and reputational. Read More


Hurricane Joaquin Highlights the Importance of Plans to Keep Operating

The process can be easily be broken into five steps. "Most of them are simple," said Al Berman, president of the Disaster Recovery Institute. "They include keeping track of resources, inventory, personnel and physical sites." The plan should be written and stored in the cloud, as in a Google document, for example, so it can be retrieved anywhere. Read More


Resilience: The Key to Business Continuity

"[Insurance companies] want to see you have an understanding of what the impact [of an attack] would be," Berman says. "Their objective is to minimize their payments, so the less vulnerable you are, the less they'll have to pay for and therefore your premiums would be reduced." Read More


Down In The Bayou: Finding A Solution To The Wetlands Dilemma Will Not Be Easy

The Big Easy has come roaring back and is growing economically in a way that it was not before the storm. A new threat, however, is looming and despite its gradual approach, its ultimate consequences will be devastating. Read More


How a power-grid attack might hurt your finances

One thing you can do to prepare: Keep some cash on hand because you can't rely on credit cards during a blackout. "You want enough money to make purchases for vital supplies at the time of an incident and ideally before store shelves go bare," says Al Berman, president of the Disaster Recovery Institute International, which helps organizations prep ... Read More


Drought Highlights Environmental Concerns

"California did what they could to conserve water, but it's a highly agricultural state," Berman said. "There are lots of ongoing efforts to help, there's been support from the government and we're starting to use 'careful agriculture,' or selectively setting farm land aside. It's unfortunate that we don't know when it will end, but we can hope tha ... Read More


Disaster Movies vs. Real Emergencies: What Can Audiences Learn?

If Hollywood is good at one thing, it's putting wholesale destruction up on the big screen to thrill audiences. But is there anything disaster movies can teach us? Let's take a look at how the movies handle some potentially very real emergency situations and see what actual preparedness and business continuity lessons can be learned from them. Read More


SC Magazine eBook on Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery (2015)

Disasters such as this can hit your organization at any time. But, as this new ebook from SC Magazine reveals, there are tools and strategies to help get formal security plans and policies in place to best serve your enterprise when, during and after a data breach strikes. Read More


Amid destruction of California's Valley Fire, moments of deep gratitude

"The best advice I can give people is to practice your evacuation route and take evacuation orders seriously," says Al Berman, president of DRI International, a nonprofit that focuses on emergency management. Read More


Contingency Planning: Riding the Storm

How a government agency adapts and responds to disasters determines its ability to continue to fulfill its mission and provide essential services, says Gary Villeneuve. Good contingency planning meets that need. Read More


The Growing Issue of Cybersecurity and Resilience of the Power Grid

No one can deny that the tech revolution has impacted the nation and created the type of market innovation that stimulates economic growth. By allowing start-ups with small amounts of seed capital to challenge established giants, technology has unleashed innovation that has helped sustain the global leadership position of the United States for the ... Read More


DRI International Now an IRCA Approved Training Organization

"IRCA certification for DRI's ISO 22301 Audit course gives DRI additional credibility in its course offerings," says DRI International Director of Education Gary Villeneuve. "The ISO 22301 Audit course gives students the training, tools, and hands-on experience needed to audit emergency management and business continuity programs." Read More


A Call Christina Conversation with DRI's Al Berman About the Big Business of Hacking

Al Berman, President of DRI International, speaks to Local 10 News reporter Christina Vazquez about the auto hacking business. Watch Now


Editor's Pick: Things To Include In An Emergency Kit that Could Save Your Life

Fortunately, hurricanes occur with plenty of warning and give you time to prepare. "The countdown to a hurricane usually begins a week prior to the storm," says Al Berman, president of DRI (Disaster Recovery Institute) International, a nonprofit certification and education organization. "With Hurricane Sandy (the deadliest and most destructive hurr ... Read More


Hacker Business Booming as Security Experts Struggle to Keep Pace

Hackers used to flex their muscles in cyberspace just for fun. "If you look in 1997, IBM did a survey and about 85 percent of the hackers were cyber joyriders - people who just did it for the challenge of it," Berman said. "When you look at it today... almost 80 percent of them are in the business for profit." Read More


Trio of Outages: What Happened?

"Regardless whether this was a cyber-terrorist attack or a glitch, the results are still the same: The institutions have to deal with the consequences," says Al Berman, president of the Disaster Recovery Institute, a not-for-profit organization that promotes disaster recovery and business continuity preparation.


Security Fears Drive Jobs Back to US, But Nearshore Can Benefit

"With the proliferation of high visibility cyber security breaches, it is no wonder that the demand in the market place for trained cyber security professionals is increasing at an unprecedented rate." Read More


10 Years Later: Lessons From Hurricane Katrina

Before Katrina, most organizations did not have someone in charge of business continuity, but now many do. Read More


Episode #34: Create, Grow, Protect, Exit

"There are only two kinds of people in this world," says Al Berman, "those that know they've been hacked and those that don't." Al walks us through the best preventative and reactive measures you can take in cyber security. Listen starting at the 6:54 mark. Listen Now


Five Things Nearshore Vendors Can Do to Allay Client Security Fears

Only an integrated public/private sector sharing of information, in a secure environment, to quickly identify threats and the ability to engage in offensive destruction of perpetrators ability to continue to function will slow the spread of cyber-terrorism. Read More


Preventing Cyber Attacks Requires a Cooperative Approach

The apparent ease of penetration and inability to identify threats has created a new industry for hackers who can extort, compromise, sell, and even destroy data without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. Read More


Tom Anderson Show

DRI President Al Berman is interviewed on July 24, 2015 at the 1 hour, 30 minute mark. Listen Now


Cloud Technologies for Enterprise Risk Management

Not only has cloud technology revolutionized the way we work, it has begun to solve the very serious problem of data loss. Read More


The Essentials of Supply-Chain Disaster Recovery

We get answers to these and other questions in our conversation with Chloe Demrovsky, executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute International. Read More


Trio of Outages: What Happened?

Regardless whether this was a cyber-terrorist attack or a glitch, the results are still the same: The institutions have to deal with the consequences. Read More


Dance for Nepal

In collaboration with the nonprofit Disaster Recovery Institute International, dancers from across the rainbow of New York dance will convene to raise money for long-term reconstruction and to benefit survivors. Read More


New Approaches to Managing Disaster Focus on Resilience

Chloe Demrovsky, executive director of the non-profit Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI), says aiding local communities in the immediate aftermath of a disaster will never be a simple task. Read More


People on the Move: Lyndon Bird, Committee Chair at DRI International

Bird will serve as the Committee Chair to further develop the global "think tank" and build on issues of business continuity, risk and security operations surrounding cyber security, supply chain, insurance, community, resilience and GRC, among other key matters facing the industry. Read More


True Grit: Boston After the Marathon Bombing

Olympic medalist Deena Kastor and Chloe Demrovsky, executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute, discuss how Boston became stronger after the marathon bombing. Watch Now


How Inova Fairfax Hospital responded following last week's prisoner escape

Disaster experts say one of the most important elements in a hospital's response to a crisis is how well staff are trained and how empowered they feel to execute the plan. "This event, believe it or not, is not unusual," said Al Berman, president of the Disaster Recovery Institute International. Read More


Many disaster-related meetings, exhibitions to be held

Symposium organizers include Disaster Recovery Institute Japan, Hosei University, the Japan Committee for UNICEF, Save the Children Japan and the World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery. Read More


Constructing a successful business continuity plan

Ultimately, getting back to taking care of customers as seamlessly as possible is the goal, says disaster preparedness expert Alan Berman, president and CEO of DRI International. Read More


Risk Management and Business Continuity: Improving Business Resiliency

Preparing for and responding to negative events, from the mundane to the catastrophic, from the predictable to the unforeseen, has become a fact of life for businesses and governments around the world. Read More


West Coast ports up and running again

Businesses that have been hit by the slowdown need to begin planning now for the next one, said Chloe Demrovsky, executive director of DRI International, a disaster planning organization. Read More


Blizzard 2015: Business Continuity Tips

A key issue over the next few days will be dealing with personnel issues, says Alan Berman of the Disaster Recovery Institute. Read More


How Businesses Prepare for Natural Disasters

DRI International Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky discusses how businesses focus on disaster recovery and prepare for extreme weather. She speaks on "Bottom Line" Watch Now


The Shared Value of Preparedness: Building Global Stakeholder Engagement for Disaster Risk Reduction

Globalization has not only led to extraordinary advances, but it has also created a vast network of dependencies in addition to a greater risk profile for all stakeholders. Read More


Extreme Weather Will Be the New Normal: Demrovsky

Chloe Demrovsky, executive director at the Disaster Recovery Institute International, and John Odermatt, managing director of Citi's Office of Emergency Management & Fraud Surveillance, discuss the global cost of natural disasters with Bloomberg's Trish Regan on "Street Smart." Watch Now


Could Your International Business Survive a Natural Disaster?

CFortunately, business owners don't need vast resources to prepare. "Preparedness is more of a mindset than anything else," says Chloe Demrovsky, director of global operations for DRI International." Read More


Cloud DR Backup Right on Par

"We've already seen more and more use of [cloud disaster recovery] on a personal leve, and we're going to be seeing more and more on a business level," Berman said.


The Importance of Disaster Plans

Al Berman, president of DRI International, a nonprofit certification organization for the disaster recovery industry, says that in light of the cost, companies must set priorities. Read More


Superstorm Serves Up Reminder About Data Protection

Post-Superstorm Sandy, as security professionals prepare for disasters, they must consider the integrity and availability of data - an often overlooked business continuity element, says Alan Berman of DRI.


Small Business: Operating during a disaster

Last year's Tropical Storm Irene was enough of an eye opener for Lou Caravella, co-owner of Four Star Salon Services, for him to secure an alternate location in case another hurricane hit. Read More


Hurricane Sandy: Backup generators fail at major New York hospitals

"The diesel tank pumps probably should have been higher, but nobody anticipated this much water," said Al Berman, president of DRI International, the oldest disaster recovery education and certification organization with operations in 100 countries. Read More


Storm Prep Key to Recovery

It's been compared to the 'perfect storm,' but Hurricane Sandy is unlike any storm we've seen, says Alan Berman of DRI. Read More


Disaster Recovery Plans Get New Urgency

"Last year was the worst year we've had in the history of disasters," said Al Berman, executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute, an industry group. Read More


Practice Makes Prepared

"When asked if they had practiced their plan, everyone looked the other way. A comprehensive plan for small businesses takes only 1 to 2 hours to practice.


The Evolution of Business Continuity

For individual looking to hone their skills in business continuity/disaster recovery, it's important to note: Organizations want specialists who can hit the ground running, says Alan Berman of DRI International. Read More


Sustaining Your Business After a Disaster

Without a standard of preparedness, it is very difficult to understand an organization's true ability to respond to adversity. Read More


Al Berman of DRI International on Business Continuity Challenges

Every organization likes its business continuity/disaster recovery plan before a disaster, says Al Berman of DRI International. Read More


Japan is Master of Disaster Recovery

In the wake of Japan's devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami, business continuity plans are being tested, and organizations must prepare for aftershocks of all kinds. Read More


Japan is Master of Disaster Recovery

In the wake of Japan's devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami, business continuity plans are being tested, and organizations must prepare for aftershocks of all kinds. Read More


How to prep IT for Hurricane Irene

Berman also said businesses fail to realize that while people worry the Internet will go down during a storm, it's about having enough concurrent VPN sessions so that employees can work remotely. Read More


Aging East Coast infrastructure a concern after quake

Al Berman, executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) in Manhattan,said his first thoughts were of aging infrastructurethroughout the Northeast. Read More


Webcast: Developing an Effective Disaster & Recovery Plan

A Disaster Recovery Plan, or more commonly known as a Business Contingency Plan, is becoming an integral part of company operations. Access Webcast


Swine Flu Emergency Should Put IT on Alert

"Organizations probably have not allocated enough resources for virtual private networks nortested VPNs for the fact that 80% of their staff could be working from home," said Al Berman,executive director of DRI International, a training institute that focuses on helping businesses prepare for emergencies. Read More


Gartner joins GAO in raising flu network congestion fears

Al Berman, executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute in New York, agreed, saying there could be congestion problems for workers who work at home without the right equipment. Read More


Business Continuity: Preparing for H1N1 and Beyond

The H1N1 threat has put business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) in the headlines. But behind the scenes, the discipline as long been active in helping global organizations respond to myriad natural and man-made disasters. Read More


Small business: A good plan shields from storm clouds

"Business continuity is no longer an option," says Alan Berman, executive director for DRI International, a business continuity planning education and certification organization in Hawthorne. "It's now become a competitive disadvantage not to have a business continuity plan." Read More


Al Berman of DRI International on How to Rise to Global Challenges

When it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery planning, it isn't the cause of the disaster that's the concern - it's the potentially devastating effects.