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Business Continuity Metrics

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Business Continuity Metrics



Duration: 1 day of instruction (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Certificate of Completion provided

8 Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs) may be awarded towards recertification if applicable

Cost: $795.00







1. Raise awareness of the usefulness of metrics
2. Provide examples of metrics in the workplace
3. Suggest guidelines for how to implement a metrics program in the workplace
4. Educate practitioners in planning and executing data collections
5. Secure executive approval of metrics report content
6. Set deliverables of metrics report content


Lesson 1: Introduction, Course Goals and Objectives
- Review course goals, objectives
- Explore the challenges professionals encounter using metrics to manage business continuity management (BCM) programs

Lesson 2: General Metrics
- Learn various types of metrics and the effective usage of BCM metrics for BCM program management and reporting
- Review six specific BCM metrics, study their application using a case study of a hypothetical organization, and discuss the concepts behind developing BCM metrics
- Study the use of dashboards to effectively represent the status a BCM program

Lesson 3: Implementation and Tracking
- Learn how to use BCM metrics to inform management of program status
- Review and discuss the case study you will use for an exercise, applying what you have learned to measure aspects of the hypothetical organization
- Explore various tools that can be used to develop BCM metrics

Lesson 4: Review for Real-world Application
- Review what you have learned and discuss how you might incorporate metrics into your BCM program