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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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Translating a Global Strategic BC Plan into a Tactical Plan for Evolving Asia

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2013

Author: Sallyanne Lerota


Tags: Global Strategy, Process, Transportation, Asia

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Ensuring Resiliency through Shelter-in-Place Planning

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2012

Author: James L. Paturas

Healthcare facilities at risk for coastal storm flooding need to consider capabilities, operational requirements, and continuity resources associated with sheltering in place all, or some, of their patients, staff, and visitors. State and local health departments also require an understanding of these assessments to inform regional planning and the allocation of scarce resources before, during, and after a coastal storm. A Yale New Haven-CEPDR team consisting of clinical, emergency management, structural engineering, business continuity, and evaluation specialists conducted comprehensive reviews of healthcare facilities and provided assistance to these facilities in assessing their ability to manage critical care patients on site during a coastal storm. The team also provided guidance that will assist facilities in developing a plan for enhanced resiliency. Each facility report consisted of findings, current and potential ability to shelter in place, and a prioritized list of short- and long-term options to consider. The report includes evacuation capabilities and provides a foundation for the development of a unified regional plan for continuity of operations through the sheltering in place of critical care patients. While the case study is healthcare based, any and all organizations grappling with shelter-in-place issues will benefit from this detailed and informative presentation.

Tags: Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Hurricanes, Transportation

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