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DRI President Featured Author on Cloud Technologies

DRI President Al Berman is a featured author in CIO Review's June special edition on enterprise risk management. In his article, he discusses the rise of cloud technologies, and their role in solving the problem of data loss in the event of a disaster.
In "Cloud Technologies for Enterprise Risk Management," Berman writes:
"Cloud technology provides organizations and their employees with the ability to upload files in a safe place, download data from collaborators around the world, and access information on any mobile device that is connected to a network. Not only has cloud technology revolutionized the way we work, it has begun to solve the very serious problem of data loss and the consequences that we had seen associated with data loss. The degree by which a cloud computing environment can help business continuity professionals safeguard and ensure availability of current data varies based upon the level to which one deploys a cloud solution."
Berman also advocates for strong vetting of cloud-based service vendors, citing recent high-profile breaches at companies like Adobe, Knight Capital, and Sony. Click here to read the complete article (on pages 40-41):

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