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Auditing a Business Continuity Program



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$ 2,950

Note: You will have the option to add the relevant certification application fee to this price at the point of registration.




Chicago, IL 60611
United States


4.5 days with exam on last day


When you register for the BCLE-AUD course, you will choose the standard that is appropriate for you and your organization. DRI International offers several versions of the audit course based on a variety of standards from around the world, including NFPA 1600, ISO 22301, BS 25999, NECEMA 7000, and SS540. The course that is based on the NFPA 1600 standard is an ANSI accredited certificate program. In addition to the body of knowledge defined by the standard you select, the training program includes two modules on auditing. The first module identifies auditing standards and guidance, defines the phases of engagement, engagement planning, performance of the audit, and communicating results. The second module of the course covers reporting findings and recommendations. The final exercise is the compilation of findings and the presentation of recommendations to the class. During each stage of the training program, you will use a hypothetical case study company to gather information and make determinations about whether the program you are auditing conforms to the standard. You will also get an audit guide, which is intended to be used when preparing for and conducting an audit, as well as when reporting audit findings. The audit guide identifies who to interview, documents to review, and surveys to conduct in order to gather evidence of conformity to the standard. Upon receiving a passing score on the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion. This course is taught by qualified DRI International instructors with the following minimum credentials: •Holds a DRI International certification of Certified Business Continuity Auditor (CBCA) or greater. •Understands the contents of the specific standard being taught (i.e., NFPA 1600, ISO 22301, BS 25999, NCEMA 7000 or SS540). •Has a minimum of 2 years of experience teaching in the adult education environment. •Has professional experience and demonstrates an understanding of the Audit process.


"This was a very well-organized course that provided useful information for me to better perform my duties."


1. Learn the elements of a disaster/emergency management and business continuity program as defined by the chosen standard.

2. Understand audit concepts as documented in The Institute of Internal Auditors International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF).

3. Learn how to use the audit framework to audit a preparedness program and determine a program's conformity to the chosen standard.

4. Prepare the student to sit for the Audit Examination


The course is organized into the following modules:
-Introduction & Course Objectives
-Auditing Basics
-Program Management
-Risk Assessment
-Business Impact Analysis
-Prevention and Mitigation
-Resource Management
-Communications Procedures
-Emergency Operations/Response
-Business Continuity and Recovery
-Crisis Communications & Public Information
-Employee Assistance and Support
-Training and Education
-Testing and Exercises
-Program Improvement
-Reporting Audit Findings and Recommendations

Cancellation Policy

Courses are scheduled subject to a minimum enrollment. If enrollment for a particular course does not meet the minimum, that class is cancelled or rescheduled. If DRI International must cancel a class for any reason, DRI's liability is limited to the paid registration fee. DRI makes every effort to notify registered participants as soon as possible if classes are cancelled.

Registration applies only to the individual named on the registration form. If you want to substitute another individual from the same company, you must contact the course registrar prior to the first day of the course. Rescheduling must occur within twelve months of the originally scheduled course and no more than three course transfers are permitted. Within twelve months, there is no charge for course transfers. If you exceed the allotted twelve months for rescheduling or limit of three course transfers, no refunds will be made.

The following refund policies apply:

  • No refund will be issued if an individual cancels within 14 days of the first day of the course
  • A 50% refund will be issued if an individual cancels within 15-29 days of the first day of the course
  • A full refund will be issued if an individual cancels 30+ days before the first day of the course