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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

Crisis Response Journal - June 2019

Author: Crisis Management Limited

DRI has partnered with CRJ to provide DRI Certified Professionals access to a PDF version of the most current issue. To access the ‘Flipping Book' version of the current digital issue plus access to the CRJ 15 year back issue library will require a separate subscription. CRJ offers DRI Certified Professionals a digital subscription for only $15 and hard copy subscription for only $100, a significant discount from the list price. To take advantage of this offer, go to http://crisis-response.com/subscribe/ and enter the discount codes DRI15 or DRI100.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, Resiliency, Emergency response, Organizational Resilience, Security, Supply Chain, Crisis Response Journal

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The State of Organizational Resilience 2019

Event: DRI2019

Author: Roberta Witty

This presentation will discuss the current and future state of organizational resilience across multiple management disciplines including business continuity management, information security and more. Using the five layers of culture, people, process and infrastructure, we will address the role of the chief risk/strategy officer and present a framework for developing a business/organizational resilience program in the organization.

Tags: DRI2019, Resiliency, Organizational Resilience

How to Get Involved in ISACs to Benefit your Company’s Business Continuity, Response Capabilities and Exercising

Event: DRI2019

Author: Susan Rogers

U.S. and global critical infrastructure protection for cyber and physical events, recognize the effectiveness of trusted information sharing and peer communication during cyber and physical events. In this session, the Financial Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center’s(FS-ISAC) information sharing lifecycle model will be discussed. The goal of this session is to spread awareness within the business continuity community, and encourage their increased participation in resilience information sharing. The session will describe the operational activities FS-ISAC members participate in and lead, the various peer communities of trust members may join and examples of how company’s incorporate ISAC participation into their resiliency plans and exercising.

Tags: DRI2019, Banking/Financial Sector, Resiliency

Extreme Resiliency

Event: DRI2019

Author: Colleen Herrmann, John Harris

Capital One is raising the stakes for resiliency by adding the practice of regional isolation (ring fencing) of cloud regions to ensure real and effective regional independence. This presentation will cover the approach and the lessons learned from this important evolution in our practice.

Tags: DRI2019, Banking/Financial Sector, Resiliency

Supporting Northwestern Mutual Digital Transformation: Disaster Recovery Maturation from Walkthrough to Business Process Exercise

Event: DRI2019

Author: Paul McMillan, Will Belke

Northwestern Mutual (NM) has embarked on a digital transformation which has created greater client visibility to and demand on technology services, thus raising the importance of availability and resiliency of those services. The NM Enterprise disaster recovery and technology infrastructure teams will describe how disaster recovery practices have matured to support the firm’s transformation. Over a two-year period, disaster recovery exercises have moved from solely application focused walkthroughs to business process workflow exercises which include production technology and business user participation. Learn how NM made these improvements happen, lessons learned on the journey, and what still lies ahead to reach a highly performing DR program.

Tags: DRI2019, Banking/Financial Sector, Resiliency

Case Study: Bouncing Back Strong – Building the Merck Global Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Safety Business Continuity Plan

Event: DRI2019

Author: Colleen Merritt Severyn

In June 2017, Merck experienced a cybersecurity incident that identified the need to bolster preparedness for business disruptions. From the fall of 2017 through the present, the Global Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Safety (GRACS) organization prepared its first ever business continuity plan (BCP), including table top exercises and training. This was a massive undertaking for an organization of such breadth (regulatory science, clinical safety, labeling, licensing, operations, etc.) and large size (2200 employees globally), starting from scratch, and an illuminating experience regarding the risk susceptibility of our systems and processes. GRACS is in a much better place today with a completed BCP across the entire organization and connections with ongoing business continuity, risk management, and resiliency efforts across the company.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, DRI2019, Resiliency, Risk Management, Case Study

Trends and Predictions for Our Profession

Event: DRI2019

Author: Lyndon Bird

With a look back and one ahead, the chair of the Future Vision Committee, will take attendees through trends observed in 2018 and provide predictions for what to expect in the year to come. Based on the Fourth Annual Trends and Predictions reports, this year’s content features a first-ever geographic breakdown of threats and preparedness worldwide.

Tags: Trends and Predictions, DRI2019, Future Vision Committee, Global Strategy, Resiliency, Risk Management

Trends and Predictions from DRI's Future Vision Committee: How to Prepare for 2019

Event: DRI Webinar

Author: Future Vision Committee

Join Future Vision Committee members Lyndon Bird, Richard Knowlton, and Patrick Alcantara, along with DRI President Chloe Demrovsky, for highlights from the Fourth Annual Global Risk and Resilience Trends and Predictions reports. Discover how your job will be impacted by world events - including sustainability, cyberthreats, and more - and what you can do about them.

Tags: Trends and Predictions, Cybersecurity, Future Vision Committee, Resiliency, Supply Chain, DRI Webinar Series, Global Strategy

Fourth Annual DRI International Predictions Report

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

One way of promoting our relevance to the wider business community is to look at what might happen and evaluate how well we can deal with it to minimize impact. Most professionals will have developed tests and exercises based on scenarios – these give realism, focus, and interest to our resilience programs. Predictions are really an extension of that – a look at the wider world and how such trends and possible events might threaten our ability to respond.

Tags: Trends and Predictions, Resiliency, White Paper, Future Vision Committee, Global Strategy

The Value of Cyber Resilience: Building a Case Executives Will Support

Event: DRI Webinar

Author: Wade Richmond

Join cybersecurity expert Wade Richmond for an information-packed hour of important information on one of the profession’s hottest topics. Explore aspects of cybersecurity and business continuity, with the goal of integrating the two and achieving the ultimate goal -- cyber resilience. Learn how to talk to top management about these issues and sell them on the concept of cyber resilience.

Tags: Cybersecurity, DRI Webinar Series, Resiliency, White Paper, Cyber Resilience, Executive Support

Achieving Cyber Resilience: A Formula for Success

Author: Wade Richmond

Organizations today are confronted by a wide range of cyberattacks, so it comes as no surprise that cyberattacks and data breaches have consistently ranked high on the list of key issues identified for the resilience community according to the DRI International Global Risk and Resilience Trends Reports, issued annually by DRI’s Future Vision Committee. This year’s report revealed that although the top issues remain the same, there appears to be an even greater focus on technological risk. Given the development of technologies and the growth of business data, this is likely to remain the case moving forward … which may provide new opportunities for hackers to cause such massive disruptions.

Tags: Cybersecurity, Resiliency, White Paper, Cyber Resilience, Cyber Resilience White Paper

Fourth Annual Global Risk and Resilience Report Infographic - Top Risks

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

Part of the 2018 Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report, a worldwide survey of business continuity professionals revealed the following top 10 risks depicted in this infographic.

Tags: Cybersecurity, Disaster Scenarios, Infrastructure, Supply Chain, IT/DR, Resiliency, Risk Management, Trends and Predictions, Future Vision Committee

Fourth Annual DRI International Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

The DRI International Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report provides a global perspective and comprehensive trends analysis of how resilience professionals view their industry and the external factors that are shaping it. It provides insight into the key trends and changes that have been observed since the last report, and has been extended this year to give an even more detailed picture of the state of the profession.

Tags: Resiliency, Risk Management, White Paper, Global Strategy, Future Vision Committee, Trends and Predictions

Webinar DRI en Español 2018: Tendencias y Predicciones en Continuidad de Negocio

Event: DRI Webinar

Author: Chloe Demrovsky, Karol Cordero

El DRI se complace en anunciar el webinar en español del 2018. Buscamos entregar beneficios a nuestros profesionales certificados y a la comunidad del DRI en general, por lo que no solamente brindamos webinars en inglés, sino que ahora también los traemos en el idioma español. Anota en tu calendario este 12 de Octubre de 2018 en el horario 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. CDT, el siguiente webinar educacional del DRI: Tendencias y Predicciones en Continuidad de Negocio Chloe Demrovsky, Presidente y Directora Ejecutiva del DRI Internacional y Karol Cordero, Directora de Mercadeo para América Latina del DRI, serán las presentadoras del Webinar. Con base en los eventos y resultados del 2017, el Comité de Visión Futuro del DRI Internacional ha elaborado el tercer informe anual de tendencias y predicciones para la profesión de Continuidad de Negocio y Resiliencia. En este webinar presentaremos los resultados de este informe, mirando hacia atrás en lo que ha ocurrido y viendo lo que podría estar a la vuelta de la esquina para nuestra profesión. ¡No te pierdas este webinar gratuito totalmente en español!

Tags: Business Continuity Program, DRI Webinar Series, Resiliency, Spanish Language

Integrating Cyber Security with Business Continuity Management to Build the Resilient Enterprise

Event: Collegiate Conference - Pace University

Author: Tejas Katwala

Current cyber response frameworks are incomplete and cyber programs in a silo are a major vulnerability. Lost business is the number one component of cyber breach cost because of customer turnover, brand reputation loss and diminished goodwill. Cyber threat and breach are business problems and business continuity professionals have the expertise that can be leveraged to reduce both the time and money associated with a cyber breach. Join Tejas Katwala to build your business case.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Collegiate Conference – Pace University, Resiliency, Resilient Enterprise

My Hurricane Sandy Experience: Stories from an Unlikely Emergency Manager

Event: Collegiate Conference - Pace University

Author: Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones, AVP at the New York City Economic Development Corporation describes his Hurricane Sandy Experience. Morgan A. Jones is AVP at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Previously, Jones was Chief Operating Officer of the US-China Strong Foundation, Senior Emergency Management Specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center. Mr. Jones also served at the NYC Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit (CAU) and the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery under Mayors Michael R. Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio from 2010-2015.

Tags: Collegiate Conference – Pace University, Community Resilience, Public Sector, Resiliency

Resilience through Public Private Partnerships

Event: Collegiate Conference – Pace University

Author: Dr. Joseph Ryan

In the wake of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Commission Report revealed that this country was not prepared for such a horrific tragedy, and in hindsight, for any other major humanmade/natural disaster. Since that date, the world has seen numerous tragedies from mass shootings: Newtown, Connecticut, wildfires, tornadoes (more than $300 billion in losses in 2017), superstorms, hurricanes (Puerto Rico), and other catastrophes. It is now 2018 and we need to assess our preparedness not only to major events, but every day activities such as crime, vehicle accidents, etc. This presentation will focus on where we are today, and where we need to be in the future. Specifically, the will be focus on the 2010 National Security Strategy for Achieving Resilience Through Public Private Partnerships (PPP). PPP is the logical strategy for a democratic society in that it recognizes two things: the government cannot do it alone, and preparedness requires each of us to be responsible to the degree of our individual capacities. In this session, you will learn about emergency operations center (EOC) activation criteria, stakeholder identification and prioritization during critical incidents, in addition to returning to normal operations while managing recovery

Tags: Collegiate Conference – Pace University, Public-Private Partnership, Resiliency

Pathways to Resilience: Planning a Future in the Resilience Industry

Event: Collegiate Conference – Pace University

Author: Kelsey Rose, Jerome Ryan

Join DRI board member Jerome Ryan and Director of Global Operations Kelsey Rose for an interactive discussion of the career options in business continuity and related fields. Their talk will cover everything from the current state of the industry to future trends in the resilience job market. In addition to learning the latest insights and resources from DRI, you will get to hear personal career experiences and advice from our speakers.

Tags: Collegiate Conference – Pace University, Resiliency

Young Leaders in Resilience - September 2018 Newsletter

Author: --

The DRI Young Leaders in Resilience September newsletter includes invitations to participate from YLR Chair Amber Elias and a recap of a recent NYC educational event.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Resiliency, Young Leaders in Resilience

Organizational Resilience: The Convergence of Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity

Event: Collegiate Conference - University of Kentucky

Author: Lou Drapeau

Lou Drapeau, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for DRI International, presents on enterprise risk management and business continuity. How do we define resilience? Why is resilience important? What makes a system resilient? What does resilience mean for an organization? The answers to these questions will be revealed through a discussion of the roles of business continuity and risk management as well as where these functions reside in organizations. You’ll learn about the terminology of resilience, relevant trends identified by DRI’s Future Vision Committee, as well as cyber resilience and developing strategies for resilience.

Tags: Collegiate Conference - University of Kentucky, Cyber Resilience, Resiliency, Risk Management, Trends and Predictions, Organizational Resilience

DRI International Glossary for Resilience

Author: --

The International Glossary for Resilience is a language guide designed to improve communications and increase clarity across the business continuity, disaster recovery, and resilience community.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, Resiliency

CASE STUDY: The Organizational Resilience Management System at the United Nations

Event: DRI2018

Author: Vic Bhatia

Streamlining business continuity management as an integral part of the emergency management framework, the Organizational Resilience Management System (ORMS) comprises crisis management, ICT disaster recovery, security, medical, staff support, crisis communications, records, facilities management and BCM. The ORMS at the UN provides an effective means to integrate and harmonize the emergency management activities. The ORMS provides a framework for cooperation across institutional silos and between the various actors responsible for the key components.

Tags: Organizational Resilience, Public Sector, Resiliency, UNISDR, Case Study

Trends and Predictions for Our Profession

Event: DRI2018

Author: Lyndon Bird

With a look back and one ahead, the chair of the Future Vision Committee, will take attendees through trends observed in 2017 and provide predictions for what to expect in the year to come. Based on the third annual trends and predictions reports, this year’s content features results from a first-ever FVC survey of DRI certified professionals worldwide.

Tags: DRI2018, Future Vision Committee, Global Strategy, Resiliency, Risk Management, Trends and Predictions

The Emerging Importance of Improving Resilience to Hazards

Event: DRI2018

Author: Marianela Guzman, Dale Sands

Attend this session to discover why disaster resilience is a winning strategy and how the ARISE Initiative may bring public and private sector together to make a difference. Sands has served as Vice Chair, United Nations’ Private Sector Advisory Group for International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (2013 – 2015), and was a Board member (2011 – 2013). While Vice Chair, UNISDR Private Sector membership grew to 100 companies from 42 countries. Working with IBM, he developed the first Disaster Resilience Scorecard based upon the UN’s Ten Essential for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2014; the Scorecard is an innovative tool to assess preparedness of communities to respond to, and recovery from, natural disasters. The Disaster Resilience Scorecard received international acclaim, was recognized as a best practice by the UN International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and received the Notre Dame Climate Adaptation Index 2015 Prize. He also developed a private business resilience survey tool that was applied to over 200 businesses in New Orleans in 2016.

Tags: DRI2018, Public-Private Partnership, Resiliency

CASE STUDY: Designing a Resiliency Program – Tradition or Innovation?

Event: DRI2018

Author: Audrey Thibodeau, Crystal Witt

Ever wonder why some business continuity and crisis management programs succeed while others do not? Traditional program methodology paved the way for our firm’s highly successful enterprise resiliency program, but over time, it also led to our BC/CM approach getting stuck in the proverbial rut. How did we dig ourselves out of that rut and gain the unparalleled support of our enterprise’s executive team? By innovating. Join us as we share stories and the lessons we’ve learned about stepping out of our comfort zone, taking a business-centric approach to continuity risk, moving from a tactical mindset to a strategic focus and the value of building relationships.

Tags: DRI2018, Resiliency, Resilient Enterprise

How and Why Resilience in the Built Environment Affects Business Continuity

Event: DRI2018

Author: Aris Papadopoulos

Attend this session for an informative analysis of how resilience in the built environment from natural hazards affects business continuity. The built environment is not limited to a company’s own facilities and supply chain. There will be a discussion of the underlying root causes of vulnerability and why resilience is a prerequisite to sustainability. The speaker will explore the emergence of the resilience movement that will change the way we do business, but also create new market opportunities, and will share what companies need to consider in their investment and operating strategies.

Tags: DRI2018, Facility Management, Resiliency, Supply Chain

Coming to Terms: The DRI Glossary Update

Event: DRI2018

Author: Dean Gallup

Since its first release in 2014, The DRI International Glossary for Resiliency has been a major resource for business continuity and resilience professionals around the world. Currently in four different languages, the glossary provides a common language for resilience professionals to use. The Glossary Committee is ready to release a major update to the Glossary in February, 2018. This session outlines the changes to the glossary, provides information on the new glossary, and discusses the future of the glossary.

Tags: DRI2018, Resiliency

Case Study: Navigating through an Unregulated Environment: The World of Asurion’s Global Business Resilience

Event: DRI2018

Author: Jerrick Croston, Michael Smith

Are you a government, healthcare, or financial organization? Then your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) program is likely driven by regulatory requirements. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss BC/DR program management for private or non-traditional organizations. The goal of this session is to explore common challenges like: What if you don’t have regulatory drivers to guide your program? How do contractual requirements guide your program? What are some effective strategies to ensure that you are strengthening resiliency in your environments? We will review a case study on how Asurion’s Global Business Resilience Team managed the recent events of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, and Mexico City’s earthquake.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, DRI2018, Global Strategy, Resiliency, Resilient Enterprise, Case Study

Resilience in 2018

Event: Corporate Governance Summit

Author: Chloe Demrovsky

DRI recently presented at the 11th Corporate Governance Summit, held in Istanbul, Turkey, this January by Turkey’s Corporate Governance Association (TKYD). This year’s summit theme was “Corporate Governance’s Driving Force: Resilience and Durability,” focusing on organizational resilience and sustainability including a discussion of the implications of these two disciplines at the policy level.

Tags: Resiliency

Trends and Predictions from DRI’s Future Vision Committee: How to Prepare for 2018

Event: DRI Webinar

Author: Lyndon Bird, Chloe Demrovsky

Lyndon Bird, Chairman of DRI International’s Future Vision Committee, and Chloe Demrovsky, DRI President and CEO, discuss the findings of the Third Annual Global Risk and Resilience Trends and Predictions reports (also available in the resource library). Discover how your job will be impacted by world events — including supply chain disruption, extreme weather events, data protection, and more — and what you can do about them.

Tags: Future Vision Committee, Global Strategy, Resiliency, Trends and Predictions

Third Annual DRI International Global Risk And Resilience Predictions Report

Author: Future Vision Committee

It’s never easy to predict the future. With the pace of change rapidly increasing, accurate predictions are ever more difficult to make solely based upon extrapolation of past events. In this report, we have tried to make reasonable predictions given our current knowledge, and the DRI Future Vision Committee has limited its predictions to those issues most likely to impact resilience professionals.

Tags: Future Vision Committee, White Paper, Global Strategy, Resiliency, Trends and Predictions

Third Annual DRI International Global Risk And Resilience Trends Report

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

Published each November, the DRI International Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report is essential reading for resilience professionals. It provides a summary of key trends that emerged over the course of the year as well as insight into the current state of the profession.

Tags: Future Vision Committee, Global Strategy, Resiliency, Risk Management, White Paper, Trends and Predictions

Case Study: Riots, Relocation, & Resiliency: Exelon Corporation’s Response to & Recovery from the Baltimore Riots

Event: DRI2017

Author: Erin Holloway, Kathy Bosse

On April 12, 2015, Baltimore man Freddie Gray sustained injuries following his arrest by police and subsequently died one-week later of a spinal injury. In the afternoon of April 27, 2015, following Gray’s funeral, rioting erupted in West Baltimore, resulting in the Governor of Maryland declaring a state of emergency and implementing a city-wide curfew. This event impacted 11 Exelon facilities in its downtown Baltimore location. The protests and riots lasted for eight days and affected more than 4,000 Exelon employees within three critical operating companies. This presentation will discuss how Exelon’s Business Continuity & Crisis Management team managed the event through effective communication, coordination with Exelon Business Functions to ensure those impacted had the resources necessary to successfully recover, and the subsequent year to follow as six officers stood trial. This was the largest business disruption in Exelon’s history there were no employees injured, no Exelon property damaged and little to no loss of revenue. By providing appropriate guidance and collaborating efforts, Exelon’s Business Continuity team effectively prepared the company to continue maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability for its people, customers, and communities.

Tags: Case Study, DRI2017, Resiliency

World Economic Forum 2017 Risk Report Overview

Event: DRI2017

Author: Mary Gardner

This session will provide an overview of the 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) Risk Report. 2017 marks the twelfth year that the WEF surveys over 800 global leaders to determine their top ten risks. In recent years, societal, geopolitical and environmental threats have come to supplant economic risks as issues of greatest global concern. As our world continues to be more interconnected, a holistic risk management approach needs to consider the interdependencies between risks. The 2016 WEF Risk Report called for actions to build resilience. This session will identify practical examples of how this could be done.

Tags: DRI2017, Resiliency, Global Strategy, Risk Assessment, Risk Management

Trends and Predictions from DRI’s Future Vision Committee: How to Prepare for a Volatile 2017

Event: DRI Webinar

Author: Lyndon Bird, Chair, DRI Future Vision Committee

Lyndon Bird, Chairman of DRI International’s Future Vision Committee, discusses the findings of two recent reports (also available in the Resource Library): Trends in 2016 and Predictions for 2017. Discover how your job will be impacted by world events – including cyber threats, supply chain, and the environment – and what you can do about them.

Tags: Cybersecurity, DRI Webinar Series, Future Vision Committee, Resiliency, Risk Management, Supply Chain, Technology, Global Strategy, Trends and Predictions

Second Annual DRI Future Vision Committee 2017 Predictions Report

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

From politics to technology to the environment, the DRI Future Vision Committee examines the current global landscape to learn what we can expect and prepare for in 2017.

Tags: Future Vision Committee, White Paper, Global Strategy, Resiliency, Risk Management, Technology, Trends and Predictions

Second Annual Future Vision Committee 2017 Trends Report

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

The Future Vision Committee 2017 Trends Report looks at how accurate the committee's predictions were for 2016, what significant changes have occurred since it made those predictions, and how the committee sees the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal landscape from a risk and resilience perspective.

Tags: Future Vision Committee, White Paper, Global Strategy, Resiliency, Risk Management, Trends and Predictions

DRI Plans Activated Resilience Proved in Response to Chelsea Bombing

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference, Centennial College - Oct. 21, 2016

Author: Chloe Demrovsky

DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky presents on DRI's response to the Sept. 17 pipe bomb explosion near its NYC office in Chelsea.

Tags: Collegiate Conference - Centennial College, Emergency response, Resiliency

Use Your IT Service Management Tool to Enhance Resiliency and Manage Risks

Event: DRI2016

Author: Dan Stavola and Luke Miller

Resiliency programs can enhance and complement the traditional methodology, unifying the BC/DR landscape to identify dependencies and feed into the enterprise risk profile. In this session, we will talk about industry perspective, practical scenarios, critical success factors and about tools that can be homegrown or integrated with existing IT service Management toolsets to support and enhance resiliency programs.

Tags: DRI2016, IT/DR, Resiliency

NYU Langone Medical Center: A Case Study

Event: DRI2016

Author: Louis Wetwstein

Attend this session to hear how NYU Langone Medical Center's Real Estate and Facilities team led the massive effort to rebuild the Medical Center following the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Tags: Case Study, DRI2016, Resiliency

Professionals of Tomorrow: Risk and Resilience

Event: DRI2016

Author: Nina White

Building the BCP mindset in youth and inspiring professionals of tomorrow.

Tags: Millennials, Resiliency

DRI/Marsh International Business Resilience Survey

Event: International Business Resilience Survey 2015

Author: DRI/Marsh

Marsh, in collaboration with DRI, surveyed nearly 200 C-suite executives, risk professionals and business continuity managers from large and medium-sized corporations internationally about their organizations’ attitudes toward business risks and the risk mitigation processes they have in place. The survey results indicate that organizations are better positioned to address traditional than non-traditional risks and that risk managers and CEOs have different perceptions about the severity and control measures in place for various risks facing their organizations.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Resiliency

Addressing Gaps in Current Capabilities for Regional Integrated Risk to Enhance Resilience/Business and Operational Continuity

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference, Dominican University of California, July 10

Author: Paula Scalingi, PhD

This presentation looks at current gaps in defining resilience, using a case study of the aftermath of the 2014 Napa Valley earthquake as an example.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Collegiate Conference - Dominican, Resiliency, Risk Management, Case Study, Earthquakes

Resilience Revealed!

Event: DRI 2015

Author: Pete Renneker

The word 'resilience' is used a lot. What does it mean? What are the characteristics of resilient people, organizations and societies? This interactive session will reveal what it means to be resilient and how you can increase resilience at home, work, and in the community

Tags: Resiliency

The Need for speed: A Case Study in Speedy Recovery!

Event: DRI 2015

Author: Pauline Williams-Banta

Need to reduce the time to recovery based on a mandate from the organization? The Energy Authority did too, and it was challenging based on the sheer number of critical business functions that needed to be recovered across the enterprise This session will show how the BC/DR team turned to technology to drastically reduce the recovery process time.

Tags: Resiliency

Enabling BCM Program Success Through Lean Thinking

Event: DRI 2015

Author: Milen Kutev

While many practitioners seek to identify factors that can help organizations achieve resilience, questions regarding how resilience and BCM program management fit with "lean thinking" remain unanswered. This presentation aims to fill that gap and is based on a year-long study of lean enablers for complex programs by PMI and MIT.

Tags: Resiliency, Supply Chain

Toward Resilience: The Relationship Between Risk Management and Business Continuity

Event: DRI 2015

Author: Chloe Demrovsky, Jorge Escalera

New demands upon BC Planners and Risk Managers are changing the approach to both disciplines nad creating a convergence of them. This session will analyze how these disciplines interact, their current practices, and how to set up a strategy in your BC or RM program that allows a convergence toward a higher resilience of your organization.

Tags: Resiliency, Risk Management

How to Assess Vendor Resiliency: An Advanced Supply Chain Session

Event: DRI 2015

Author: Melinda Rahe

This presentation provides guidance on how to formulate a vendor resiliency strategy, and will equip attendees with practical solutions for effectively and efficiently assessing the risk exposures introduced by outsourcing business functions.

Tags: Resiliency, Supply Chain

The Resiliency Yardstick: Winning BIAs and Exec Buy-In

Event: DRI 2015

Author: Larry Chase

Larry Chase shares his criticality matrix as well as executive fiduciary statements, as he explains how to take the BIA product to create an organizational "value chain" for mapping the critical path in people, process, and technology resilience.

Tags: BIA, Executive Support, Resiliency

Managing Crisis Situations as Part of Resiliency

Event: KL2014

Author: Kanryu Nagase

This presentation details Mr. Nagase's experience managing crises and the lessons learned for resiliency.

Tags: Case Study, Emergency response, Executive Support, Infrastructure, Asia, Resiliency

Sample Case - Training for Disasters in the Healthcare Industry

Author: --

In this two-page sample case, learn how Texas hospitals responded to Tropical Storm Allison in June, 2001. Then download the complete report!

Tags: Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Facility Management, Healthcare, Resiliency

An Overview of Enterprise Risk Management

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Chris Mandel

An overview of Enterprise Risk Management and lessons learned from the financial crisis.

Tags: Resiliency, Risk Management

Business Continuity Management At RSI: A Case Study

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Davide Barca

BCM is an important component of enterprise security for a media company, such as the Swiss National Television (RSI). The session is aimed to illustrate the RSI approach to business continuity and crisis management and more specifically the innovative exercising program designed by Barca. Crisis simulations are periodically performed taking in consideration even challenging scenarios, such as the AMOK one.

Tags: Case Study, Emergency preparedness, Resiliency

Atlanta Up Close Panel Discussion

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Michele Guido, Gus Hudson and Aston Greene

Attend this session to hear from a cross-section of public and private sector officials and continuity professionals to get a feel for what continuity and preparedness are all about in our host city, Atlanta!

Tags: Public-Private Partnership, Resiliency

The New Normal

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Kevin Cunningham and Scot Phelps

The New Normal

Tags: Global Strategy, Process, Resiliency

Something's Gotta Give: Defining the Strategic Objectives of the International Glossary for Resiliency

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Chloe Demrovsky and Bobby Williams

Defining the Strategic Objectives of the International Glossary for Resiliency

Tags: Global Strategy, Resiliency

Business Continuity Resiliency: Believing It Can Be Achieved

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Raymond Seid

Business Continuity Resiliency: Believing It Can Be Achieved

Tags: Process, Resiliency

Current Situation of BCM in Mexico

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Eduardo Escalera

An exploration of business continuity practices in Mexico.

Tags: Resiliency

Risk Management Track: Keynote Address

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Lou Drapeau

Risk Management Track: Keynote Address

Tags: Resiliency, Risk Management

Cyber Security for Improved Resilience Against Threats

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Damian Walch

This presentation will give resilience leaders a guide for integrating incident response and continuity. It will describe how an organization should build security, vigilance and resilience into their support processes. The discussion will go describe the anatomy of a cyber-incident. We will touch on: - alignment with forensic incident response - data breach management - effective tools for threat management - ability to use cyber insurance

Tags: Cybersecurity, IT/DR, Resiliency

Beyond the Storms: Strengthening Homeland Security and Disaster Management to Achieve Resilience

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Dan Egli

Since 9/11, hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and the Boston Marathon attacks there has been a wave of workshops to collect the lessons learned in preparedness and crisis response. The talk has focused on the role of public-private-academic partnerships as well as critical infrastructure protection. What are the major findings from these events and how do we, as a nation, move "beyond the storms" of reacting to disruptive events, cataloging more lessons, and submitting FEMA grant requests to operationalize critical infrastructure resilience? Attend this session to find out. Egli authored the book, Beyond the Storms (published in November 2013) to prepare a new generation of leaders to help bridge the gaps between public and private sectors and shift the focus of local and regional leaders to long term risk mitigation and a response posture that supports smart resilience.

Tags: Hurricanes, Infrastructure, Process, Resiliency

A Business Case for Healthcare Continuity

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Dennis Schrader

Come to this session to learn about the key trends shaping the continuity healthcare environment, as well as the business issues influencing healthcare preparedness planning, including: Regulatory Compliance Risk Management and Patient Safety Revenue Disruption Impact Analysis Accreditation Processes and Cost Cost Avoidance Attendees also will hear about a number of actual case studies and lessons learned.

Tags: Facility Management, Resiliency, Governance/Regulatory Response and Compliance, Healthcare, Risk Management

Recovery to Resilience: A Haiti Case Study

Event: DRI 2013

Author: Angela Devlen

Thanks to sponsorship from the DRI International Foundation, Mahila Partnership has expanded its project in Haiti to improve post-disaster economic and health outcomes for women and girls, as well as building long-term resiliency. This presentation discusses the overarching principles of effective recovery but in the context of an active post-disaster initiative. Attendees will understand how post-disaster relief and recovery programs must promote long-term risk reduction, as well as how investments rather than aid yields both short-term and long-term sustainable results.

Tags: Community Resilience, Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Resiliency, Case Study, Earthquakes

The Business Continuity Management Risk Index (BCM-RI) Implementation Case Study

Event: DRI 2013

Author: Michael Kadar

Is there a metric that clearly can demonstrate to executive management the overall value of the business continuity management (BCM) program to the organization? Can BCM professionals quantitatively measure current risk levels that can be compared with established risk tolerances and report them to management in a meaningful way that drives both risk management and BCM initiatives? How could such a metric actually be implemented successfully in a large organization? This session explores these questions and presents a case study of how the BCM-RI was developed and implemented at DTE Energy. You will learn how the BCM-RI was implemented to measure the overall risk/preparedness level of DTE Energy business units, departments, subsidiaries, and the entire organization. You will see how gap analyses were performed to effectively compare BCM-RI levels to risk tolerance levels previously defined by management. Finally, you will learn how DTE Energy plans to expand the BCM-RI to develop risk indices for use by enterprise risk management and business resilience management programs.

Tags: Executive Support, Metrics, Process, Resiliency, Risk Management

How Resilient is Your Organization?

Event: DRI 2012

Author: Jerry Vevon

Currently a Vice President in Cyber Technology at Booz Allen Hamilton, Mr. Vevon has over 30 years of operational experience and over a decade directly supporting continuity of operations and business recovery planning. His primary clients include the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and the Department of State. He has considerable experience within the Intelligence Community, DoD, Joint Staff and Congress. Mr. Vevon manages over 300 geographically dispersed staff supporting numerous Federal Agencies and Intelligence Community clients with Mission Assurance, Business Continuity Planning, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Risk Management, Antiterrorism/Force Protection and Disaster Preparedness Exercises.

Tags: Process, Resiliency

Why Small Business Preparedness Matters to You!

Event: DRI 2012

Author: Joseph Booth

How resilient is your supply chain when disaster strikes? Small businesses employ more than half of the U.S. private sector workforce and likely play a critical role in the success of your organization. If one of your critical suppliers is wiped out after a disaster, your supply chain will be interrupted. This session discusses the importance of small businesses being prepared for disasters and how their preparedness can affect your bottom line. Joseph Booth, Executive Director of the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, has over 25 years of experience in preparedness and response to disasters.

Tags: Emergency preparedness, Resiliency, Supply Chain