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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

Insider Threat Program: Protecting the Crown Jewels

Event: DRI 2015

Author: Frank Slater

An insider threat is not just an HR or security problem but rather an operational risk that can compromise the actual survivability of an organization and cause irreparable damage to your organization's reputation and trustworthiness. This presentation presents exemples of information assets at risk by vertical market and how BCP tools can be used to identify and protect the information assets that are most critical to your organization.

Tags: BIA, Cybersecurity

The Resiliency Yardstick: Winning BIAs and Exec Buy-In

Event: DRI 2015

Author: Larry Chase

Larry Chase shares his criticality matrix as well as executive fiduciary statements, as he explains how to take the BIA product to create an organizational "value chain" for mapping the critical path in people, process, and technology resilience.

Tags: BIA, Executive Support, Resiliency

ISO22301-DRI Professional Practices Crosswalk

Author: DRI International

This document highlights the connections between the ISO22301 and the DRI Ten Professional Practices.

Tags: BIA, Process, Best Practices, Professional Practices, Regulations and Standards

BIA for Experienced Continuity Professionals

Event: DRI 2014

Author: Karol Cordero

You have the credentials and experience, but do you have what it takes to conduct an effective business impact analysis? An inadequate BIA yields wrong and useless data leading to a disastrous business continuity plan. Learn important tips such as: Using the "SMART" method Defining and setting reachable objectives Engaging the C-suite Knowing what and how to get the data for a productive business impact analysis Identifying key players in your organization Distinguishing what may be essential to upper management may not be critical to your business continuity plan This session will explore these topics and more on how to conduct a thorough and productive BIA. Improve the efficiency of your BIA for positive results!

Tags: BIA, Process

Case Study: Responding to a Drug Shortage Crisis

Event: DRI 2013

Author: Robert Munro

This case study focuses on lessons learned from a national drug shortage due to a global supplier and just in time delivery failure. In February, 2012, Manitoba Health received a letter from SANDOZ Canada Inc. stating that effective immediately they would be scaling back production of approximately 239 critical injectable medications that would affect the health sector in Manitoba and across Canada. This session outlines how the Office of Disaster Management handled this incident to ensure the stability of the drug inventory for the Health System of Manitoba, and what would steps would be implemented to prevent such a situation from occurring in the future. The key lessons learned relate to global supplier dependence and just in time delivery.

Tags: BIA, Canada, Case Study, Process

Let's Get It Wrong Quickly

Event: DRI 2013

Author: Robert Synak

The goal of this session is to consider novel approaches to developing recovery capabilities. Let's talk about how to shortcut the BIA/Strategy/Assessment process through inductive, rapid assessment, to kick start recovery capabilities from zero.

Tags: BIA, Process

Possibility Thinking in Global Business Continuity: ""They Stopped Saying 'No'"

Event: DRI 2013

Author: Ann Hepenstal

Possibility Thinking in Global Business Continuity: ""They Stopped Saying 'No'"

Tags: BIA, Emergency response, Executive Support

Social Engineering, Security and Continuity

Event: DRI 2012

Author: Lori Jamison-Bellegarde

Security is everybody's business. What can you, as an individual, do to help stop the constant cyber-attacks aimed at you and your organization? Learn who "social engineers" are and how they manipulate individuals into performing risky actions and/or divulging confidential information. And, most importantly, learn how you can prevent it. Take the skills you learn in this session back to your organization. By educating staff you'll make an immediate difference in security and bolster your business continuity program to boot!

Tags: BIA, Security

From Mega-Disasters to Marathon Recovery: What's Going on in Japan? Lots!

Event: DRI 2012

Author: Shinji Hosotsubo and Nathan Rhoden

An earthquake. A tsunami. And a nuclear crisis. The $300 billion disaster shocked Japan and the world. In its aftermath, the Japanese are responding to an improbable situation with some impossibly intelligent solutions! This session explores Japan's complex, multi-layered supply chain, how your organization likely is dependent upon it, and how Japanese business continuity thought leaders are pairing traditional risk mitigation strategies (like geographic diversification) with new-fangled thinking (including reciprocal agreements that really work!) to create a win-win for suppliers big and small as well as the countless companies around the world that rely on them.

Tags: BIA, Emergency preparedness, Asia, Risk Management, Supply Chain, Earthquakes