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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

WORKSHOP: Strengthening Your Program by Auditing (Supplemental Worksheet)

Event: DRI2018

Author: Harvey Betan, Donald Schmidt

Supplemental worksheet. See presentation listing. Auditing is an objective activity that should add value to an organization by following a systematic, disciplined approach. If you’re striving to improve your business continuity program or need to audit critical suppliers, this workshop is a must. Whether you are self-assessing your program (auditing the preparedness of your suppliers) or preparing for certification, this two-hour, hands-on workshop will provide the guidance you need.

Tags: DRI2016, Audit, Business Continuity Program

How to Build an Enterprise BC Program That Gets around the Roadblocks

Event: DRI2018

Author: Scott Baldwin

Whether you’re struggling with program implementation, experiencing the continuous program ‘reboot’ cycle, or just want to investigate ways to improve your BC program, this presentation will describe clear and useful strategies you can use to address the most common program roadblocks and go from initial program implementation to true business continuity resilience. Based on the experiences of many BC professionals from around the world, this presentation will provide you with tried and tested practical steps you can use to create or improve your BC program.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, DRI2016

Case Study: The Flight to DR in the Cloud

Event: DRI2018

Author: Bill Lavigne, Stephen Weber

Attend this session to learn how McKesson – a Fortune 5 company delivering medical supplies, drugs, and services to the healthcare industry – transitioned from legacy disaster recovery (DR) methodologies to provide a new way of delivering DR by leveraging new state of the art technologies available in the public cloud. The presentation will take you on a short flight to disaster recovery in the cloud, which resulted in significant reduction in costs, streamlined processes with minimal effort, and the ability to test anytime and ensure application recoverability. Topics include reasons why this journey was necessary, what technology options are available, and some of the turbulence encountered along the flight path to delivering DR in the cloud.

Tags: Cloud Technology, DRI2016, Technology

A Culture of Continuity

Event: DRI2016

Author: Lynn McKinney

Join FEMA for an up-close look at the Continuity of Operations Division. The lessons learned from such catastrophic events as Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Marathon Bombing demonstrate the need to emphasize continuity as a "good business practice" to be incorporated into day-to-day planning, in order to reduce vulnerability and ensure continuity.

Tags: DRI2016

Risk Management Keynote

Event: DRI2016

Author: Chris Wegman

Kick off our always popular risk track with the keynote presentation. This year's track focus is on the multi-disciplinary nature of risk.

Tags: DRI2016, Risk Management

DRI2016 Welcome Address

Event: DRI2016

Author: Al Berman

Join DRI President Al Berman as he welcomes DRI2016 attendees to Atlanta and sets the tone for the conference with an informative and engaging presentation.

Tags: DRI2016

Cyber Resilience Through Military Readiness

Event: DRI2016

Author: John Gelinne and Pete Renneker

Through military and commercial cyber incident experiences, this session will reveal how a cyber incident unfolds, introduce new business continuity challenges presented by extended cyber outages, and explore how the application of military readiness techniques can help build Cyber Resilience.

Tags: Cybersecurity, DRI2016

Advancing the Profession Through Global Standards: ISO/TC 292

Event: DRI2016

Author: Dr. Wolfgang Mahr

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, has developed a range of standards in the continuity and resilience fields. Developed by experts from dozens of countries and adopted by a solid majority of national standards associations, these standards advance the profession by providing practitioners, regulators, management and customers with valuable implementation and auditing tools. Find out about the deliverables provided by this Technical Committee and how they may support you.

Tags: DRI2016, Regulations and Standards

Use Your IT Service Management Tool to Enhance Resiliency and Manage Risks

Event: DRI2016

Author: Dan Stavola and Luke Miller

Resiliency programs can enhance and complement the traditional methodology, unifying the BC/DR landscape to identify dependencies and feed into the enterprise risk profile. In this session, we will talk about industry perspective, practical scenarios, critical success factors and about tools that can be homegrown or integrated with existing IT service Management toolsets to support and enhance resiliency programs.

Tags: DRI2016, IT/DR, Resiliency

The Tide Is High...and Rising: Exelon Corporation's Response & Recovery from Corporate Headquarters Flood

Event: DRI2016

Author: Erin Holloway

What is the likelihood that a crisis could happen at work? This question is posed often by exelon's Business Services Company, the leadership and support services of the entire enterprise. This session will cover Exelon's coordinated response to the incident, impacts and business unit recovery, and collective collaboration through use of a pre-established Incidence Response Team. Additionally, best practices and key lessons learned following the incident will be presented.

Tags: Case Study, DRI2016, Emergency response

The Millennials Are Coming: Techniques for Effectively Engaging the next Great Generation and Ensuring Your Team's Success

Event: DRI2016

Author: Michael Janko

Regardless of what company you work for, your people are your most valuable asset. Today's workforce is undergoing a substantial shift in how they communicate and in their personal priorities. Join us to learn why the planning, training and testing you do now may need to change to get the most effectiveness out of your workforce and your critical partners.

Tags: DRI2016, Millennials, Training

The First Annual Future Vision Committee Report

Event: DRI2016

Author: Lyndon Bird, Wolfgang Mahr, Linda Conrad

Members of DRI's prestigious Future Vision Committee discuss major resilience trends expected in 2016. Topics include risk management and business continuity, cyber security, supply chain, and global recovery.

Tags: Cybersecurity, DRI2016, Future Vision Committee, Global Strategy, Supply Chain, Trends and Predictions

Surpassing Best Practices at Warp Speed

Event: DRI2016

Author: Larry Chase

Larry Chase, DRI's 2015 Business Continuity Program Manager of the Year, will share his repeatable secret sauce and game-changing winning practices that have earned numerous international honors during his two decades of private sector successes. If you are looked to or expected to deliver the wow factor with your program by your executives, staff/team members, stakeholders and partners.

Tags: Best Practices, DRI2016, Executive Support

Supply Chain and the Most Serious Global Risks

Event: DRI2016

Author: Linda Conrad and Chloe Demrovsky

During this session, DRI's Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky will facilitate a conversation with Linda Conrad, director of strategic business risk for Zurich, who reviews the conclusions of the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report as it relates to both developed and developing countries. They also discuss why this year's report marks a change in the list of top global risks.

Tags: DRI2016, Supply Chain

Security Breach: What Does Business Continuity Have to Do With It?

Event: DRI2016

Author: Pauline Williams-Banta

This presentation will give an overview of the threat horizon, a comprehensive review of the "kill chain" and address the changing role of the BC practitioner in the process. Takeaways include a grasp of the lingo, working with security incident vendors, preserving evidence, and dealing with external agencies.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, DRI2016, Security

Risk and Compliance, Liaisons, Engineers and the Business: The Mechanics of Safely Navigating GRC

Event: DRI2016

Author: Michele Turner

GRC in a world of beating time to market, competitive advantage, and "getting stuff out the door" can be quite the challenge. During this session, we will discuss leveraged best practices (the mechanics), which tie requirements and requests from a Governance, Risk and overarching compliance perspective.

Tags: DRI2016, Risk Management

Recovering from Violence: Best Practices for Mitigating, Responding to, and Recovering from Workplace Violence

Event: DRI2016

Author: Michelle Cross and Lorie Alioto

Violence of any kind is a disrupting event; the more severe the violence, the greater the disruption. How to companies survive workplace violence and what are the best practices that take a company beyond survival to full recovery and back to business?

Tags: DRI2016, Active Shooter/Workplace Violence, Best Practices

Power Up Your Program with Positive Messaging: Essential Marketing Tips to Drive Stakeholder Buy-In and Employee Management

Event: DRI2016

Author: Gina Manos and Ray Bonilla

You and your teams put a lot of effort into contingency planning to ensure your business functions endure even when faced with challenges. Attend this workshop to get simple, yet powerful tips on how to transform your message and materials into compelling content your audience will embrace.

Tags: DRI2016, Executive Support

NYU Langone Medical Center: A Case Study

Event: DRI2016

Author: Louis Wetwstein

Attend this session to hear how NYU Langone Medical Center's Real Estate and Facilities team led the massive effort to rebuild the Medical Center following the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Tags: Case Study, DRI2016, Resiliency

Messaging Apps and Continuity: What You May Be Missing

Event: DRI2016

Author: Scot Phelps

There are so many communication apps out there that it's difficult to know which to use for what. In this session, we will discuss the relative benefits of apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and more as tools for group communication, information gathering, exercises, and even providing education to colleagues around the world.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, DRI2016, Technology

Lessons Learned from Navy Nuclear Power Applied to Disaster Recovery Exercises

Event: DRI2016

Author: Vern Williams

One of the most successful training programs in an area of significant risk is the Navy Nuclear Power program. There is a lot we can learn from the methodology initiated by Admiral Rickover, the father of the Nuclear Navy in all high risk endeavors. Learn some of the lessons that have enabled the safe operation of many nuclear reactors on Navy submarines and carriers.

Tags: DRI2016

ISO 31000, A Risk Management Standard for Decision-Makers

Event: DRI2016

Author: Alex Dali

Risk management is now a management framework and the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard is a tool for better decision making. Managers of operational and support functions in the organization are empowered to harmonize vocabulary, principles, framework and processes each time they refer to the management of risk.

Tags: DRI2016, Risk Management, Process, Regulations and Standards

Information Sharing Sounds Nice, But What Does It Really Mean?

Event: DRI2016

Author: Susan Rogers

Information sharing is essential to your organization's ability to respond when there's a crisis, no matter if it's physical, cyber, or somewhere in between. This session will explain why information sharing during an event goes way beyond your basic emergency notification processes and procedures.

Tags: DRI2016

Improving Your Business Continuity Plan using the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) IT Handbook

Event: DRI2016

Author: Donis Heard

This presentation will look at how to simply turn the FFIEC's IT Workbook into an outline for BC planning as well as looking at the FFIEC Examination Procedures. It will also look at how to leverage the FFIEC's IT Handbook Appendix A to make your business better prepared for your FFIEC Audit.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, DRI2016

How to Determine Appropriate BCM Program Metrics for Your Executive Management Audience

Event: DRI2016

Author: Michael Kadar

This session is a continuation and expansion of the Business Continuity Management Risk Index (BCM-RI) concept introduced at DRI2012 and returning the next two years. Continued interest in program metrics for executive management has resulted in another return, expanding beyond risk and preparedness to include compliance and program maturity.

Tags: DRI2016, Executive Support, Case Study

From the CDC: The U.S. Global Health Security Agenda and International Emergency Response

Event: DRI2016

Author: Jennifer Brooks and Dr. David Bull

Attend this exciting session for an overview of the CDC's Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), including the goals of the GHSA, major partners and contributors, and plans for helping countries to achieve GHSA targets.

Tags: DRI2016, Global Strategy, Healthcare

Exercise Considerations for Outage, Emergency, and Disaster Plans

Event: DRI2016

Author: Jeanne Powell

Outages, emergencies, and disasters each have a different magnitude of business disruption. Designing and executing exercises that reflect situational dynamics and ripple effects will help highlight overlaps, dependencies, and gaps as scenario dimensions require.

Tags: DRI2016, Emergency preparedness, Emergency response

Empowered by Emotions

Event: DRI2016

Author: Lisa Welsher

Participants attending this highly interactive session will learn how scientific research is revealing how emotions are behind every decision we make. They will also receive a process workflow depicting the multi-step process for understanding emotions which helps people to make better decisions, navigate life with greater agility, conserve wasted energy, and significantly improve interpersonal relationships across all areas of life!

Tags: DRI2016

Disaster Heroes: The Human Factor

Event: DRI2016

Author: Suzanne Bernier

During this unique session, Suzanne Bernier will share some of her personal stories and insights on the many "helpers" she met and interviewed for her book: Disaster Heroes - Invisible Champions of Help, Hope, and Healing.

Tags: DRI2016, Emergency response

Digging Deep: A Real-World Exploration of BCP and DR Audit

Event: DRI2016

Author: Silvio Pezzo

Attend this session for an in-depth business continuity audit case study of one of the largest global retailers. Discover what lessons were learned during that audit process, explore the benefits of audit, discuss real BC risks, examine control methods, and review examples of audit procedures.

Tags: Case Study, DRI2016, Audit, Business Continuity Program

Cyber Attack Simulation Experience: Results Revealed!

Event: DRI2016

Author: Jim Wexler

This session will look at how to immerse participants in best practices for crisis leadership - challenging them to develop the critical thinking and judgment skills required to respond to, and lead, during a crisis. The Cyber Attack Simulation Experience gathers user data to gauge effectiveness and deliver personalized coaching feedback.

Tags: Cybersecurity, DRI2016, Technology, Training

Continuity Beyond Compliance

Event: DRI2016

Author: Vladimir Lodkin

This presentation explores how State Street evolves its continuity program to address new challenges to the financial sector by incorporating a more risk-focused approach in addition to compliance. We will discuss the significance of building strong and effective relationships with regulators and internal audit, collaborating across internal divisions and business lines, and embedding a continuity mindset into everyday business operations and decisions.

Tags: DRI2016, Banking/Financial Sector