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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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So You Have an Established Mature Program - Now What?

Event: DRI Resilience Excellence Summit 2022

Author: Robyn Kimbro

With over 20 years’ experience building, developing, and leading program governance frameworks and strategies for three major companies, Walmart’s Robyn Kimbro joins us to share the key elements for experienced resilience practitioners addressing ongoing program maturity and building resilience. So, you have an established, mature program – now what? The answer is a lot, and that includes answering questions like these: Are your program requirements not stringent enough, just right, or really complicated and time-consuming to meet? If you’re a global company – is your program globally relevant, and does it meet regulations or requirements for other countries? How strong and far-reaching are your partnerships? How do you benchmark with other companies? How do you market your program? What programmatic stats are you collecting through your enterprise tool? Are executives interested in those metrics, and what do these statistics drive your leadership to do?

Tags: Best Practices, Business Continuity Program, Training

Cyber Attack Simulation Experience: Results Revealed!

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2016

Author: Jim Wexler

This session will look at how to immerse participants in best practices for crisis leadership - challenging them to develop the critical thinking and judgment skills required to respond to, and lead, during a crisis. The Cyber Attack Simulation Experience gathers user data to gauge effectiveness and deliver personalized coaching feedback.

Tags: Cybersecurity, Technology, Training

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The Millennials Are Coming: Techniques for Effectively Engaging the next Great Generation and Ensuring Your Team's Success

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2016

Author: Michael Janko

Regardless of what company you work for, your people are your most valuable asset. Today's workforce is undergoing a substantial shift in how they communicate and in their personal priorities. Join us to learn why the planning, training and testing you do now may need to change to get the most effectiveness out of your workforce and your critical partners.

Tags: Millennials, Training

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Training for Disasters in the Healthcare Industry: 6 Cases Prove Its Value

Event: DRI Case Study/Position Paper

Author: DRI

This case study report looks at some of the most recent and devastating emergency situations to learn how healthcare facilities and staffers prepared for -- and reacted to -- catastrophes that put enormous strain on their facilities, their workforces, and their patients.

Tags: Case Study, Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Healthcare, Training

How to "Norm" a Disparate Workforce and Create a Team

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2014

Author: John Franchy

How to "Norm" a Disparate Workforce and Create a Team

Tags: Process, Training

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BCP and PMP: Together They Spell Success!

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2012

Author: Abby DeLotto

Project management professionals (PMP) manage resources they don't control to predefined objectives on a daily basis, often for multiple projects, simultaneously. Sound familiar? Most business continuity management programs begin with one or more projects that stage the organization for long-term success. Over time, other "initiatives" are required to improve awareness, upgrade training, expand testing, evaluate strategies, integrate acquisitions, etc. How well have you juggled the time, resources, and scope to deliver these "projects" on time and within budget? This session explores how using PMP techniques may improve your program's effectiveness. And discover how your business continuity experience may help you achieve another practical, career-enhancing certification.

Tags: Risk Management, Training

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