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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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Distant Lands - Of Which We Know Little

Event: DRI Resilience Excellence Summit 2022

Author: Peter Morris

Peter Morris embarked on his journey with disaster recovery, business continuity and now operational resilience over twenty years ago. His “Distant Lands” presentation will offer his observations on crisis events and from his experience comment on what connects them, how their impact ripples across the world and their consequences. He will also share some new thinking which may change the resilience community’s strategic approach to disruptive events.

Tags: Coronavirus/COVID-19, Cyber Resilience, Cybersecurity, Pandemic, Risk Management, Supply Chain, Ukraine

Cascading Risks

Event: DRI Resilience Excellence Summit 2022

Author: Dr. Gianluca Pescaroli

DRI welcomes Dr. Gianluca Pescaroli for an in-depth tour of his research on building and improving the continuity of operations during disruptive events, minimizing their impacts, and increasing resilience of the public and private sectors. This includes managing complex challenges such as cascading risks, critical infrastructure failures, systemic and compound dynamics. His work is impact -oriented, aiming to bridge academia and practice. In 2016, he co-founded the Research Group on Cascading Disasters at UCL. Since then, he contributed to strategic documents such as the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’s Guidelines on National Risk Assessment, and edited reports such as the Guidelines on Cascading Effects of Wide-Area Power Failures in collaboration with London Resilience.

Tags: Disaster Scenarios, Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Europe, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Ukraine, UNISDR