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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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Letter from the President: 2023 in Review

Author: Chloe Demrovsky

In 2023, we celebrated our 35th year serving this exciting profession of service. Because milestones are always a time for reflection, I’d like to dedicate this edition of our annual review to look back at some of the accomplishments of this venerable institution not just from this year but also to provide a review of all the various ways in which we support you every year.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Case Study, Community Resilience, ESG, Professional Practices, Resiliency, White Paper

Building Community Resilience through Carbon Capture Projects

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - University College London, 14 June 2023

Author: Jerome Ryan, Samuel Burke

This presentation will discuss the importance of carbon capture projects in increasing community resilience. We will highlight the benefits of these projects and explain how traditional business continuity tools like Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment can be updated to include climate change data. Additionally, we will present a case study on how New Orleans is utilizing blue carbon projects to increase resilience and better protect that community from future hurricanes. This presentation is designed to provide valuable insights and practical tools for individuals and organisations seeking to enhance their resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Tags: Climate Change, Community Resilience

Redefining Assets to Build a More Resilient Community

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2023

Author: Bonnie Canal

Words matter. How we understand each other depends at the very least on the definition of the words we use. When looking within communities, how do you measure resilience? How do you define or rank an asset? There are so many converging issues around community resilience. This session will help unfold and define the most misunderstood terms in community resilience, while enabling attendees to acquire the first steps needed to build community resilience through understanding the who, what. when, where, and how of asset mapping a community.

Tags: Community Resilience

Keynote: What makes the Texas Economy Unique? Insights on the Border Economy and the Road Ahead

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2023

Author: Roberto Coronado

Roberto Coronado, Senior Vice President in Charge of El Paso and San Antonio Branches, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, is an expert on La economía de frontera – the US/Mexico border economy. As a Senior Economist, Coronado has devoted decades to researching this richly unique region. Coronado’s plenary address will welcome us to Texas with a deep dive into how the US/Mexico border economy fared during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, what’s ahead for this region, and what lessons learned can shape our understanding as resilience professionals.

Tags: Banking/Financial Sector, Community Resilience, Coronavirus/COVID-19, Resiliency

Business Benefits of Personal Emergency Plans

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2022

Author: Jeanne Powell

When we boil it all down, people are a business' single most critical asset. Of course, we plan to have backups for key personnel, but what happens when our people are also affected by the same disaster and repercussions that impact our business? This presentation is intended to provide insight into why it's in a business' best interest to encourage people to have their own disaster preparedness plans and what their plans need to include. Disasters impacting your personal life are no joke and neither are family and household preparations. This session will refresh you on what we planners sometimes forget about: why people are so critical and what’s involved with personal disaster preparedness.

Tags: Best Practices, Community Resilience, Emergency preparedness, Resiliency

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Creating a Center of Excellence to Build out Community-wide Resilience

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2022

Author: Bonnie Canal

Organizations can play an active role in the resilience of their communities by establishing a Center of Excellence in Resilience. Community resilience builds by utilizing ground-up/grassroots efforts and a Center of Excellence is a top-down approach. By bringing these together in this session attendees will learn what, why, and how to build a grassroots community resilience program into the creation of a Center of Excellence.

Tags: Community Resilience, Resilient Enterprise

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Day One Keynote, Michael Berkowitz, Founding Principal, Resilient Cities Catalyst

Event: DRI Resilience Excellence Summit 2021

Author: Michael Berkowitz

DRI International is proud to welcome Michael Berkowitz, Founding Principal of Resilient Cities Catalyst, who will draw upon real-life experiences from around the world to address reducing risk and increasing resilience in a post-Covid world.

Tags: Community Resilience, Resiliency

COVID-19: Work From Home Tips

Event: DRI White Paper/Survey

Author: DRI International

Working from home during a crisis can be challenging. Here are a few pointers to help you set yourself – and your new workspace – up for success.

Tags: Best Practices, Community Resilience, Coronavirus/COVID-19, Pandemic, White Paper

My Hurricane Sandy Experience: Stories from an Unlikely Emergency Manager

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - Pace University - Oct. 17, 2018

Author: Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones, AVP at the New York City Economic Development Corporation describes his Hurricane Sandy Experience. Morgan A. Jones is AVP at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Previously, Jones was Chief Operating Officer of the US-China Strong Foundation, Senior Emergency Management Specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center. Mr. Jones also served at the NYC Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit (CAU) and the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery under Mayors Michael R. Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio from 2010-2015.

Tags: Community Resilience, Public Sector, Resiliency

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Business Community Uniting to Mitigate Disaster Impact

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - De La Salle University - Mar. 16, 2017

Author: Butch Meily

Butch Meily, PDRF, discusses uniting the business community to mitigate disaster impacts.

Tags: Public-Private Partnership, Asia, Community Resilience

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The BORP Strategy: Improving Community Resilience Through Public-Private Partnerships

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2015

Author: Matt Bogaard, David Cocke

What is a BORP and how can having one help your organization? This session covers all the details. A BORP (Building Occupancy Resumption Program) is achieved by bringing together public and private entities to facilitate safe, expedited re-occupancy of structures following a disaster. The session explores who to involve and how to accomplish this important and beneficial program, including how it was implemented at DreamWorks Animation in southern California.

Tags: Community Resilience, Public-Private Partnership

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Going for the Gold! A Herculean Effort Brings Continued Recovery (and the 2020 Olympic Games) to Japan

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2014

Author: Shinji Hosotsubo and Nathan Rhoden


Tags: Community Resilience, Asia, Resiliency

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Recovery to Resilience: A Haiti Case Study

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2013

Author: Angela Devlen

Thanks to sponsorship from the DRI International Foundation, Mahila Partnership has expanded its project in Haiti to improve post-disaster economic and health outcomes for women and girls, as well as building long-term resiliency. This presentation discusses the overarching principles of effective recovery but in the context of an active post-disaster initiative. Attendees will understand how post-disaster relief and recovery programs must promote long-term risk reduction, as well as how investments rather than aid yields both short-term and long-term sustainable results.

Tags: Community Resilience, Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Resiliency, Case Study, Earthquakes

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From the Field: Lessons Learned on the Front Lines

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2012

Author: Angela Devlen

Many of our profession's most experienced and talented business continuity professionals have never experienced true disasters first-hand. That's a good thing because it means their plans are working (or they've been really lucky!). However there's nothing like being in the field, and in the thick of it, to give continuity professionals a feel for what it's really like to be on the scene during a response and recovery effort. Angela Devlen who founded the Mahila Partnership -- a grassroots non-profit organization serving the unmet needs of communities by investing in education, public health, and sustainable development initiatives while promoting disaster risk reduction and gender equality - has been in the boardroom and crisis command center as well as in the field. Devlen shares her first-hand experiences in responding to disasters in the U.S. and abroad, including impacts, lessons learned, and suggestions to take back and implement in your organization.

Tags: Community Resilience, Emergency preparedness, Global Strategy, Security

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