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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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Why the Space You Occupy Matters and How to Protect It: Lessons from Katrina and Adapting to Living with Water Today

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2024

Author: Nicole Boothman-Shepard, Lona Edwards Hankins

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, over 400 of the City’s almost 500 school facilities were damaged, over half catastrophically. We will walk through keys lessons from the $2B schools recovery program that shaped equitable and resilient rebuilding and brought back public education to 48,000 students and then pivot to resilience and climate adaptation strategies in New Orleans today. Our session will include clear and simple recommendations on how to assess your facility portfolio risks and implement near-term and long-term solutions that will protect your people and business enterprise in the face of major shocks and slow-onset hazards like climate change.

Tags: Climate Change, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricanes

True North Resilience - Spring 2023

Author: DRI Canada

DRI Canada's quarterly magazine includes articles on Hurricane Dorian, London's incident command training, the RIE Toronto Symposium, and more.

Tags: BIA, Canada, Climate Change, Cyber Resilience, Emergency Management

Building Community Resilience through Carbon Capture Projects

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - University College London, 14 June 2023

Author: Jerome Ryan, Samuel Burke

This presentation will discuss the importance of carbon capture projects in increasing community resilience. We will highlight the benefits of these projects and explain how traditional business continuity tools like Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment can be updated to include climate change data. Additionally, we will present a case study on how New Orleans is utilizing blue carbon projects to increase resilience and better protect that community from future hurricanes. This presentation is designed to provide valuable insights and practical tools for individuals and organisations seeking to enhance their resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Tags: Climate Change, Community Resilience

Crisis Response Journal - September 2022

Author: Crisis Management Limited

DRI has partnered with CRJ to provide DRI Certified Professionals access to a PDF version of the most current issue. To access the ‘Flipping Book' version of the current digital issue plus access to the CRJ 15 year back issue library will require a separate subscription. CRJ offers DRI Certified Professionals a digital subscription for only $15 and hard copy subscription for only $100, a significant discount from the list price. To take advantage of this offer, go to https://crisis-response.com/discounted_subscriptions and enter the discount code DRI15 or DRI100.

Tags: Resiliency, Organizational Resilience, Crisis Response Journal, Communications/Crisis Communications, Coronavirus/COVID-19, Crisis Management, Europe, Pandemic, Climate Change, Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Exercises, Security, Ukraine, Regulations and Standards

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Seventh Annual DRI International Predictions Report

Event: DRI White Paper/Survey

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

What does 2022 hold for the resilience community? Find out with the DRI Future Vision Committee's 7th Annual Predictions Report - resilience predictions for the profession by the profession. This report looks at what to expect in the coming year, including the continuing pandemic response, climate change, global inflation, power grid attacks and much more.

Tags: Climate Change, Coronavirus/COVID-19, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, Supply Chain, Trends and Predictions, Utilities, White Paper

BCM and Climate Change

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2017

Author: Linda Conrad

Everyone is aware of climate change, but how many of us really understand climate change as a business risk? Attend this session or a discussion of emerging risks and impacts of climate change on your business, evolving resilience and insurance solutions, and a demonstration of new technology visualization of disaster and flood risk and recovery.

Tags: Climate Change

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