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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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True North Resilience - Fall 2023

Author: DRI Canada

This edition of DRI Canada's magazine includes articles on supplemental BCM software, implementing the Professional Practices, telecommunications, and more.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Canada, Communications/Crisis Communications, Technology

Armed Conflict Management (ACM) Best Practices: An Essential Component of Your Resiliency Program

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2023

Author: Nate Bridges, Veronica Krepshaw, Frank Perlmutter, Michele Turner

The world of business is now interdependent more than in any other time in history. In addition to the expansion of multi-national companies, local and regional organizations of all sizes and industry sectors maintain cross-border relationships and global supply chain dependencies (human capital, raw materials, and data) that increase operational risk. Business Resiliency Professionals should have a clear understanding of these direct and indirect interdependencies, monitor these threats, and plan for anticipated impacts to their operations. Armed conflicts by their very nature are volatile, multi-regional, and non-linear; security conditions can deteriorate, and aggression escalate without warning. The unique impacts of each conflict must be evaluated and considered. While some will experience the direct impacts of an armed conflict because it is their country/entity involved, exponentially more will experience the indirect impacts. For example, recent conflicts have caused high fuel prices world-wide even for countries not directly involved or directly dependent on the warring parties. This is a key consideration for why business resiliency professionals should include this type of planning in their resiliency planning approach – their businesses are not insulated just because their country is not at war. The panel will share recommendations for ACM pre-conflict planning, crisis response and ongoing crisis management including: Geopolitical Threat and Risk Analysis Critical Staff Resiliency Strategies Scenario Based Exercises Crisis Management and Response Management and Employee Training and Awareness, and Internal and External Collaboration and Communication

Tags: Active Shooter/Workplace Violence, Best Practices, Communications/Crisis Communications, Crisis Management, Exercises, Global Strategy, Training

Crisis Response Journal - September 2022

Author: Crisis Management Limited

DRI has partnered with CRJ to provide DRI Certified Professionals access to a PDF version of the most current issue. To access the ‘Flipping Book' version of the current digital issue plus access to the CRJ 15 year back issue library will require a separate subscription. CRJ offers DRI Certified Professionals a digital subscription for only $15 and hard copy subscription for only $100, a significant discount from the list price. To take advantage of this offer, go to https://crisis-response.com/discounted_subscriptions and enter the discount code DRI15 or DRI100.

Tags: Resiliency, Organizational Resilience, Crisis Response Journal, Communications/Crisis Communications, Coronavirus/COVID-19, Crisis Management, Europe, Pandemic, Climate Change, Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Exercises, Security, Ukraine, Regulations and Standards

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Technology, #Twitter & Terrorism - Is Your Crisis Communications Plan Ready For the ‘New Normal’?

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2022

Author: Suzanne Bernier

The presenter will review recent crisis communications case studies and lessons learned from events across the globe. By the end of this interactive session, attendees will learn how to turn challenges into opportunities during a disaster, and how to communicate effectively to both internal and external audiences through a solid crisis communications plan.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, Global Strategy

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DRI Webinar: The New Landscape of Crisis Communications

Event: DRI Webinar

Author: Suzanne Bernier, Bob Jensen, Jessica Kindig

Communication is key -- especially in a crisis! In this webinar, you'll hear from crisis communications experts who will draw on their experiences to help you get a handle on what to say -- and what not to say -- as well as how to craft messaging that will inform others while serving your organization. Featured presenters: - Suzanne Bernier, CEM, CBCP, MBCI, CMCP, President, SB Crisis Consulting - Bob Jensen, Senior Managing Director, Strat3 LLC - Jessica Kindig, Exercise Program Manager, Indiana Department of Homeland Security

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications

“You Say Incident, I Say Event” – A look at defining a term

Event: DRI White Paper/Survey

Author: DRI Glossary Committee

In recognizing the critical importance of effective communications within the resilience community, DRI created a committee to develop a new reference document that combines the most common business continuity and resilience terms and definitions into a single guide. Most terms were relatively straightforward in their definition, and others required more discussion and analysis by the committee. The analysis of one term, incident, became a long-term discussion, with no consensus reached. The Glossary Committee presents this white paper on defining incident to showcase the continuing effort for effective communications in our community.

Tags: Best Practices, Communications/Crisis Communications, White Paper

DRI International Glossary for Resilience

Event: DRI Glossary

Author: DRI Glossary Committee

The International Glossary for Resilience is a language guide designed to improve communications and increase clarity across the business continuity, disaster recovery, and resilience community.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, Resiliency, Glossary

TELUS Incident Management for recent events such as the BC/Fort McMurray wildfires and the Ontario/Quebec floods

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - NorQuest College - May 17, 2018

Author: Ramon Zulueta

Ramon Zulueta, CBCP, Risk Manager, Corporate Business Continuity Office (CBCO), presents on communications during disasters.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, Disaster Scenarios, Canada

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Crisis Communications Lessons Learned

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - Centennial College - Oct. 21, 2016

Author: Suzanne Bernier

Suzanne Bernier, CEM, CBCP, MBCI and author of "Disaster Heroes" presents on communications lessons to be learned from recent disasters and the public responses to them.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, Emergency response

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Messaging Apps and Continuity: What You May Be Missing

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2016

Author: Scot Phelps

There are so many communication apps out there that it's difficult to know which to use for what. In this session, we will discuss the relative benefits of apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and more as tools for group communication, information gathering, exercises, and even providing education to colleagues around the world.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, Technology

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