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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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Get Schooled! What We All Can Learn from Higher Education Continuity

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2019

Author: Stephen Woods, Tara Brown

Fires, floods, blizzards, burst pipes. Sound familiar? Attend this session for a look at continuity from a higher education perspective. From the recent California wildfires to the East Coast arctic freeze, hear from resilience professionals from Yale University and UCLA about unique, and not-so-unique challenges faced by these two world renown universities. Explore actual case studies, talk about what worked and what didn’t, and share solutions that can be applied regardless of your industry. You’ll want to take notes, but no final exam…we promise.

Tags: Case Study, Higher Education

Maintaining Critical Staffing During an Incident

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - University of Kentucky - Aug 3, 2018

Author: Joe Monroe

Joe Monroe, Chief of Police for University of Kentucky, presents on how the nation’s colleges and universities can prepare to respond to various types of operational interruptions. Campuses face a variety of risks that can disrupt teaching, research, extension services, and healthcare. These risks can be all-encompassing, localized, or personal. Because disasters often cause loss of life, loss of income, property damage and adversely affect individuals and families, universities must make plans to continue their core functions as seamlessly as possible.

Tags: Higher Education

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IT and Business Continuity Management at NorQuest College

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - NorQuest College - May 17, 2018

Author: Claire Mechan,Dave Melanson

Business Continuity Coordinator Claire Mechan, ABCP, and David Melanson, BSc, discuss continuity and cyber security at NorQuest College.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Cybersecurity, Canada, Higher Education

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The Power of Collaboration: A Business Continuity Management System for the Alberta Post-Secondary Sector

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - NorQuest College - May 17, 2018

Author: Jim Ross

Jim Ross, Campus Alberta Risk Assurance Committee Director, Risk and Assurance Services, MacEwan University presents on collaboration as a BCM system for the Alberta post-secondary sector.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Canada, Higher Education

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Quantifying Risk Continuity of Healthcare

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - University of St. Thomas - April 23 2016

Author: Mike Mastrangelo

Given the high level of risk at the UTMB Campus, we work to eliminate the subjectivity of the risk assessment process as much as possible and to quantify that risk where possible. The risk assessment process is the foundation of UTMB's Preparedness Program and it affords officials the the best information to optimize preparedness and respond to incidents. An overview of the Preparedness Program will be provided - looking at specific examples of risk quantification including hurricanes and chemical incidents (Hydrofluoric Acid incidents in particular).

Tags: Healthcare, Higher Education, Risk Assessment

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Launching a Sustainable Business Continuity Program in a Higher Ed Culture (Without Getting Eaten Alive)

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2015

Author: Melanie Lucht

From obtaining executive-level buy-in to applying industry best practices in a higher education environment to selecting and implementing an online tool, learn how Carnegie Mellon University launched a sustainable business continuity program that fits the culture of the institution (and can perhaps apply to yours).

Tags: Executive Support, Higher Education

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