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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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Planning for Hurricane Dorian with an All-Volunteer Organization

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2020

Author: Bobby Williams

The North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has a fleet of 17 airplanes, 70 ground vehicles, a secured radio network, and 2200 volunteer members. Unlike the business response teams that most of us are part of, CAP volunteers are responsible for the planning, operations, and logistics of personnel and equipment over the entire state of North Carolina. Utilizing the Incident Command System, CAP interfaces with the US Air Force, the North Carolina Emergency Management Program, and FEMA to respond to national, regional, and local emergencies. The all-volunteer Incident Command staff spent many hours preparing for a consolidated response in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian in early September 2019. CAP planes had to be moved out of the immediate area of forecasted impact. Volunteer pilots had to move the planes to a safe location, but also a location to support efforts after the hurricane passed. CAP personnel needed to be ready to respond on the ground to provide food, water, and shelter material in affected regions. CAP plane crews planned to provide FEMA with aerial damage assessment photographs. CAP search and rescue teams had to plan assistance to local emergency personnel to assist with search efforts, if necessary. Just like corporate and professional emergency management teams, CAP Volunteers must be ready for any emergency at any time. This session will highlight the planning and response of the North Carolina Wing during the period leading up to Hurricane Dorian as well as other emergency incidents that are part of the operational structure of the Civil Air Patrol.

Tags: Emergency response, Hurricanes

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Healthcare Track: The Hurricane Panel – Lessons Learned

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2018

Author: Anthony Pizzitola, Mike Mastrangelo

The 2017 hurricane season hit healthcare organizations hard. Hear from your peers at healthcare institutions as they relate their experiences before, during, and after the storms with a focus on lessons learned. While our panelists are from the healthcare sector, the information they will share is informative and applicable to all.

Tags: Disaster Scenarios, Healthcare, Hurricanes

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CASE STUDY: A Hurricane Harvey Success Story at Zions Bancorporation

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2018

Author: Ryan longman

Attend this session for a firsthand Hurricane Harvey case study! Zions Bancorporation is one of the nation’s premier financial services companies with total assets exceeding $65 billion. Zions operates under local management teams and distinct brands in 11 western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, including Amegy Bank in Texas. Hard hit by Hurricane Harvey in the region served by Amegy, Zions committed to helping both customers and the greater Houston community. While Amegy was open for business throughout the storm with mobile, online, and telephonic banking access, some branches did close temporarily. Hear about the actions the Zions team took to ensure the safety of its employees and help ease the financial needs of its employees, customers, and the community.

Tags: Hurricanes, Case Study, Banking/Financial Sector

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Case Study: The Energy Authority and Hurricane Matthew

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2017

Author: Pauline Williams-Banta

As Hurricane Matthew marched towards Florida, The Energy Authority (TEA) in Jacksonville was getting ready to respond. Attend this session to hear how TEA prepared for and weathered the storm — one that caused widespread flooding, damage, and power outages across the state. The Energy Authority (TEA) provides public power utilities with access to advanced resources and technology systems. TEA is a public power-owned, nonprofit corporation with offices in Jacksonville and Bellevue, WA. A national portfolio management company, TEA evaluates challenges, manages risks, and executes solutions to serve more than 50 public power clients.

Tags: Case Study, Hurricanes

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Beyond the War Story: NYU Langone Medical Center’s Business Continuity Case Study

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - St. John's University - Sept. 12, 2016

Author: Mitchell Simon

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy barreled through the northeast, leaving unprecedented damage and a devastated NYU Langone Medical Center in her wake. Attend this session for more than just the "war story." You'll find out what happened (hundreds of faculty, staff, and students - in partnership with the FDNY, NYPD, Office of Emergency Management, and volunteers - evacuated 322 patients from a building that had no power, lights, or functioning elevators) as well as what has happened since the NYU Langone reopened and reimagined business continuity program. Find out about the critical success factors in making BCP work in a healthcare setting and learn about the challenges BC professionals face in transitioning into a healthcare environment at this informative session.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Case Study, Healthcare, Hurricanes

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Continuity in the Face of Hurricanes: What Every Business Needs To Know

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - University of St. Thomas - April 23 2016

Author: Cameron Self

Hurricanes and tropical storms can pose a serious threat to the well-being of any business located in an area vulnerable to these storms. It is imperative that vulnerable businesses make preparations before a hurricane strikes in order to mitigate any storm induced interruptions to operations. In this presentation, we will talk about the type of conditions and impacts a business owner can expect from a tropical cyclone that is bearing down on their community. There will be a discussion regarding the role of weather service aid to businesses and why businesses should care about the forecast. We will also take a first look at what the upcoming hurricane season may hold.

Tags: Hurricanes

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The New Normal

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2015

Author: Kevin Cunningham

From Superstorm Sandy and her winter-weather cousin Nemo to telecommunications failures and the Boston Bombing, business continuity and crisis management professionals are changing their thinking from "What if?" to "When?" This session covers 10 of the most important lessons learned from recent events and how practicing professionals can immediately use and apply these lessons in their programs.

Tags: Hurricanes

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Beyond the Storms: Strengthening Homeland Security and Disaster Management to Achieve Resilience

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2014

Author: Dan Egli

Since 9/11, hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and the Boston Marathon attacks there has been a wave of workshops to collect the lessons learned in preparedness and crisis response. The talk has focused on the role of public-private-academic partnerships as well as critical infrastructure protection. What are the major findings from these events and how do we, as a nation, move "beyond the storms" of reacting to disruptive events, cataloging more lessons, and submitting FEMA grant requests to operationalize critical infrastructure resilience? Attend this session to find out. Egli authored the book, Beyond the Storms (published in November 2013) to prepare a new generation of leaders to help bridge the gaps between public and private sectors and shift the focus of local and regional leaders to long term risk mitigation and a response posture that supports smart resilience.

Tags: Hurricanes, Infrastructure, Process, Resiliency

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Ensuring Resiliency through Shelter-in-Place Planning

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2012

Author: James L. Paturas

Healthcare facilities at risk for coastal storm flooding need to consider capabilities, operational requirements, and continuity resources associated with sheltering in place all, or some, of their patients, staff, and visitors. State and local health departments also require an understanding of these assessments to inform regional planning and the allocation of scarce resources before, during, and after a coastal storm. A Yale New Haven-CEPDR team consisting of clinical, emergency management, structural engineering, business continuity, and evaluation specialists conducted comprehensive reviews of healthcare facilities and provided assistance to these facilities in assessing their ability to manage critical care patients on site during a coastal storm. The team also provided guidance that will assist facilities in developing a plan for enhanced resiliency. Each facility report consisted of findings, current and potential ability to shelter in place, and a prioritized list of short- and long-term options to consider. The report includes evacuation capabilities and provides a foundation for the development of a unified regional plan for continuity of operations through the sheltering in place of critical care patients. While the case study is healthcare based, any and all organizations grappling with shelter-in-place issues will benefit from this detailed and informative presentation.

Tags: Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, Hurricanes, Transportation

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