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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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Crisis Response Journal - October 2019

Author: Crisis Management Limited

DRI has partnered with CRJ to provide DRI Certified Professionals access to a PDF version of the most current issue. To access the ‘Flipping Book' version of the current digital issue plus access to the CRJ 15 year back issue library will require a separate subscription. CRJ offers DRI Certified Professionals a digital subscription for only $15 and hard copy subscription for only $100, a significant discount from the list price. To take advantage of this offer, go to http://crisis-response.com/subscribe/ and enter the discount codes DRI15 or DRI100.

Tags: Communications/Crisis Communications, Resiliency, Emergency response, Organizational Resilience, Security, Supply Chain, Crisis Response Journal, Governance/Regulatory Response and Compliance, Hurricanes

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DRI Webinar: MBCP Panel Answers Your Continuity Questions

Event: DRI Webinar

Author: Carla Glass, Melanie Lucht, Bryan Mitchell, Michele Turner

Listen to an impressive panel of MBCPs answer your questions from various industries and with a wide range of expertise during our “Ask the MBCPs” webinar.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Cloud Technology, Cyber Resilience, Cybersecurity, Emergency preparedness, Organizational Resilience, Resiliency

DRI Hiring Guide

Event: DRI Guide - Other

Author: DRI International

Hiring the right business continuity professionals will enable your organization to withstand any crisis and come through even stronger. Because of the importance of these positions, more and more organizations are exclusively recruiting certified business continuity professionals. As the oldest and largest nonprofit institute representing business continuity management and resilience fields, DRI International has developed a guide to help you entitled Hiring a Business Continuity Professional.

Tags: Organizational Resilience, Resilience Careers

BCM as an Operational Risk Service Provider

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2019

Author: Scott Baldwin

As BCM matures and moves from a business recovery model to an integrated risk partnership within organizational resilience, its use cases and purpose are evolving. In this session, the speaker will share one example of where BCM/OR is uniquely qualified to become a core component of the operational risk landscape. Through three stages of maturity – compliance, readiness, and resilience, this session will discuss how to create the infrastructure to leverage BCM as your organization’s primary operational risk service provider.

Tags: Business Continuity Program, Risk Management, Organizational Resilience

The State of Organizational Resilience 2019

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2019

Author: Roberta Witty

This presentation will discuss the current and future state of organizational resilience across multiple management disciplines including business continuity management, information security and more. Using the five layers of culture, people, process and infrastructure, we will address the role of the chief risk/strategy officer and present a framework for developing a business/organizational resilience program in the organization.

Tags: Resiliency, Organizational Resilience

Organizational Resilience: The Convergence of Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity

Event: DRI Collegiate Conference - University of Kentucky - Aug 3, 2018

Author: Lou Drapeau

Lou Drapeau, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for DRI International, presents on enterprise risk management and business continuity. How do we define resilience? Why is resilience important? What makes a system resilient? What does resilience mean for an organization? The answers to these questions will be revealed through a discussion of the roles of business continuity and risk management as well as where these functions reside in organizations. You’ll learn about the terminology of resilience, relevant trends identified by DRI’s Future Vision Committee, as well as cyber resilience and developing strategies for resilience.

Tags: Cyber Resilience, Resiliency, Risk Management, Trends and Predictions, Organizational Resilience

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CASE STUDY: The Organizational Resilience Management System at the United Nations

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2018

Author: Vic Bhatia

Streamlining business continuity management as an integral part of the emergency management framework, the Organizational Resilience Management System (ORMS) comprises crisis management, ICT disaster recovery, security, medical, staff support, crisis communications, records, facilities management and BCM. The ORMS at the UN provides an effective means to integrate and harmonize the emergency management activities. The ORMS provides a framework for cooperation across institutional silos and between the various actors responsible for the key components.

Tags: Organizational Resilience, Public Sector, Resiliency, UNISDR, Case Study

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Mapping The Professional Practices for Business Continuity Management from DRI International to The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

Event: DRI White Paper/Survey

Author: Lyndon Bird

This white paper is designed as a tool for integrating organizational approaches to business continuity management and disaster risk reduction, a roadmap for implementing the Sendai framework into their existing resilience program.

Tags: Professional Practices, UNISDR, White Paper, Organizational Resilience

Catastrophic Organizational Change Made Easy

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2014

Author: Pete Renneker


Tags: Emergency response, Organizational Resilience, Process

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Managing Organizational Change

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2013

Author: Peter Renneker

Earthquakes! Fire! Security Breaches! Acquisitions! New Service Offerings! What do these events have in common? They all represent major organizational changes requiring change management proficiency. External events force us to change; understanding how people respond is critical to a successful BCP. As BC professionals, we are in the business of managing immediate and often catastrophic changes. Basic project management can deal with the discreet tasks required to make a change, but it does not account for the human experience. This presentation introduces the structure of change, what we experience when forced to change, and strategies for managing the process.

Tags: Organizational Resilience, Process

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