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A selection of materials from DRI International is available here as an added benefit for DRI members. We hope you enjoy this informative collection of industry information and research.

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Seventh Annual DRI International Predictions Report

Event: DRI White Paper/Survey

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

What does 2022 hold for the resilience community? Find out with the DRI Future Vision Committee's 7th Annual Predictions Report - resilience predictions for the profession by the profession. This report looks at what to expect in the coming year, including the continuing pandemic response, climate change, global inflation, power grid attacks and much more.

Tags: Climate Change, Coronavirus/COVID-19, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, Supply Chain, Trends and Predictions, Utilities, White Paper

Fourth Annual Global Risk and Resilience Report Infographic - Top Risks

Author: DRI Future Vision Committee

Part of the 2018 Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report, a worldwide survey of business continuity professionals revealed the following top 10 risks depicted in this infographic.

Tags: Cybersecurity, Disaster Scenarios, Infrastructure, Supply Chain, IT/DR, Resiliency, Risk Management, Trends and Predictions, Future Vision Committee

Managing Crisis Situations as Part of Resiliency

Event: Other - Conference

Author: Kanryu Nagase

This presentation at KL 2014 details Mr. Nagase's experience managing crises and the lessons learned for resiliency.

Tags: Case Study, Emergency response, Executive Support, Infrastructure, Asia, Resiliency

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Beyond the Storms: Strengthening Homeland Security and Disaster Management to Achieve Resilience

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2014

Author: Dan Egli

Since 9/11, hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and the Boston Marathon attacks there has been a wave of workshops to collect the lessons learned in preparedness and crisis response. The talk has focused on the role of public-private-academic partnerships as well as critical infrastructure protection. What are the major findings from these events and how do we, as a nation, move "beyond the storms" of reacting to disruptive events, cataloging more lessons, and submitting FEMA grant requests to operationalize critical infrastructure resilience? Attend this session to find out. Egli authored the book, Beyond the Storms (published in November 2013) to prepare a new generation of leaders to help bridge the gaps between public and private sectors and shift the focus of local and regional leaders to long term risk mitigation and a response posture that supports smart resilience.

Tags: Hurricanes, Infrastructure, Process, Resiliency

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How to Tame a Dragon: BCP, Security, and Intellectual Property at DreamWorks

Event: Annual Conference - DRI2012

Author: Matthew Bogaard

DreamWorks Animation SKG creates high-quality family entertainment, including computer-generated (CG) animated feature films, television specials and series, and live entertainment properties. With world-class creative talent and technological capabilities, DreamWorks Animation releases two or three CG animated feature films a year that deliver great stories, breathtaking visual imagery and a snesibility that appeals to both children and adults. With each release, DreamWorks' goal is to tell great stories. This session shares yet another great story from DreamWorks, as Director of Studio Operations and Corporate Security Matt Bogaard tells attendees how he strives to protect this hybrid entertainment-technology company and its assets. Bogaard oversees facility operations and security including business continuity planning, intellectual property protection, global threat assessment, workplace violence prevention, travel security, executive protection, and safety. Additionally, he works collaboratively with the other major movie studios in content protection and ongoing anti-piracy efforts.

Tags: Emergency preparedness, Global Strategy, Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnership, Security

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