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Online Examination

Professional Examinations

You will find a complete listing of our exam options below. All courses end with the exam on the final day. Most exams can be challenged without course attendance, but not all. Please note that the discounted exam retake fee of $250 is only available to those who have already taken the associated DRI course. Those who challenged the exam, but have not taken a course will be required to pay the full exam fee of $750 in order to retake the exam.

Qualifying Examination

Chaque professionnel certifié et chaque fournisseur certifié doivent passer et réussir l'examen de qualification avant qu’ils puissent demander une désignation de certification de n'importe quel niveau. L'examen de qualification est la première étape d'un processus de certification en deux parties. DRI International administre le seul examen professionnel en continuité d'activité. L'examen consiste à répondre à 100 questions à choix multiples sur la matière des pratiques professionnelles de la continuité des activités. Vous disposez de deux heures et demie pour terminer l'examen. Vous devez obtenir un résultat de 75% pour réussir l'examen. La réussite de l'examen de qualification qualifie un individu à soumettre une demande de certification de DRI. Les frais de l’examen de qualification sont inclus dans le coût de nombreux cours de formation de DRI. Il est recommandé, mais pas obligatoire dans tous les cas, de s'inscrire dans un cours de formation de DRI International avant de passer l'examen de qualification.

Master's Case Study Examination

Only professionals who have already passed the Qualifying Examination, and who have a minimum of five years of experience may register for the Master's Case Study Examination.

DRI administers the only Master's-level professional examination in Business Continuity Planning. The Master's Case Study Examination consists of a company's business continuity planning needs covering every aspect of the ten subject areas contained in the industry's body of knowledge, the Professional Practices for Business Continuity Management. Students should allow 4.5 hours to complete the written exam. Successful completion of the examination, a score of 75% or better, qualifies an individual to apply for MBCP designation.

Notice to Veterans

Many benefits are available to advance the education and skills of Veterans and Service members. One benefit is reimbursement for the cost of the DRI Qualifying Examination. Currently, VA reimburses for the test costs, or up to $2,000 for each test. There is no limit to the number of tests you may take, or number of times you may take the same test. And, VA will pay for tests even if you fail them. DRI also offers active duty service members and veterans the opportunity to retake the test for free for the first time if necessary.

You may receive reimbursement for approved licensing and certification tests if you qualify for Veteran's education benefits such as the Montgomery GI Bill. To apply for this approved VA Education benefit, please contact the VA. All exam opportunities on the public calendar and DRI exam are available for the GI Bill program. Don't forget to ask your VA representative about dependent benefits. For more information, please refer to the VA website here and here.


For more information on any of our examinations or if you have general questions, you can search our course schedule under the Education tab or call the Customer Care Center at +1-866-542-3744.