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Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) is the nonprofit that helps organizations around the world prepare for and recover from disasters by providing education, accreditation, and thought leadership in business continuity and related fields. Founded in 1988, DRI International has 15,000+ certified professionals in more than 100 countries and conducts native-language training in more than 50 countries, offering in-depth courses ranging from introductory to master's level, as well as specialty certifications. The organization's annual DRI Conference brings together leading business continuity professionals from both the public and private sector to share best practices and participate in continuing education and volunteerism.

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DRI International certifies individuals and provides various levels of active professional certification in a number of areas. Our certifications are the standards of excellence in business continuity management whether you are a practitioner, vendor or auditor.

BCLE AUD (ISO 22301)

23 Jun - 27 Jun

HCLE 2000

New York, NY
24 Jun - 28 Jun

BCLE 2000

Centennial, CO
24 Jun - 28 Jun

BCLS 2000

Buenos Aires,
24 Jun - 28 Jun

BCLP 2000

Sao Paulo,
24 Jun - 28 Jun

DRI Event Image

March 1-4, 2020
Savannah, Georgia









E-news from DRI

Is Your Company The Next Target (Or Google Or Argentina) Of A Massive IT Failure? – Chloe Demrovsky for Forbes

“Bloomberg reported that an internal Target glitch may cost the company up to $50 million. Cybersecurity incidents perpetrated by malicious actors may make the headlines more often because they are full of crime and international mystery. However, a plain old technolog
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Introducing DRI’s New Business Continuity Professional Hiring Guide — Free to Download!

Is your organization searching for the perfect resilience professional to fit your needs? If the right hire seems like an important decision now, wait until you’re faced with a crisis. As the oldest and largest nonprofit institute representing business continuity manage
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Studio Claimed Lost Recordings Were Backed Up – A Decade Later, The Truth Comes Out

Back in 2008, a fire at Universal Studios Hollywood claimed a selection of the studio’s early films, but supposedly left its classic music vault alone. New reporting reveals the fire was a lot worse than that – and it’s a cautionary tale for both data backup and crisis m
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Watch: DRI’s Chloe Demrovsky Presents on Overcoming the Global Preparedness Gap

DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky recently presented “Stronger Together: Deploying Cross-Sectoral Collaboration to Overcome the Global Preparedness Gap” at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva, Switzerland. Thanks to the United Nations Offi
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Tornado Season is in Overdrive – And You May Be In Its Path

Since the 1950s, the annual number of tornadoes in the United States has held fairly steady. But this year has been breaking all the rules – why has there been such a spike in large tornado clusters? So far, 2019 has seen 935 reported tornadoes in the U.S. – up from an ave
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DRI Speaking Engagements: June 10, 2019

We speak at numerous industry events around the globe and engage with our community in a variety of ways. Find out where you can meet DRI at these upcoming events. New York Association of Realty Managers 06/18/2019 – 06/18/2019 New York, NY United States DRI Director of Glo
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Cyber Resilience Q&A Webinar: The Answers to Your Compelling Questions — Coming June 26!

Complex and often confounding, all things cyber resilience are challenging continuity and resilience professionals worldwide. Attend this webinar for a frank and informative discussion of challenges and solutions. We’ll go beyond the theoretical to provide thoughtful ans
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Atlantic Hurricane Season Officially Starts June 1: What Can We Expect?

“Near-normal” is the current prediction for this year’s June-November Atlantic Hurricane Season. But what does that actually mean, and how are these storms being tracked? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center expects a 40% c
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The True Cost of a Visit from Godzilla – or The Rock

Summer movie season is in full swing, and you know what that means: rampant destruction of major cities. Whether it’s a giant kaiju wrestling match or a citywide chase that sends cars flying through buildings, a few analysts have calculated just how much it would cost to rec
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‘Game of Thrones’ and Resilience – Chloe Demrovsky for Forbes

“We do see, however, that good leaders have a role to play in fostering those structures and ensuring that they institutionalize lessons learned from past crises (this should be no sweat for Bran the Broken who is, after all, the ‘memory’ of Westeros). So what can le
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What Certified Professionals are saying about DRI

Quote UpThis is a very, very intelligent community that really does a lot to keep the lights on in businesses, and I don't think they get a lot of credit for it. The IT department at a lot of big corporations doesn't believe there's a chance their system really can go down and they really need to have a business continuity plan, and the education and the feedback that we get from the people at DRI shows t...
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Certified Business Continuity Vendor, United States

Quote UpI think most people look at business continuity at the natural events - hurricanes, tornadoes, things like that - and don't realize there are a lot of other risks behind that, cyber risks right now being number one, but there are a lot of other aspects of business continuity that one needs to think about, especially the people and processes, not just the technology.
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Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor, United States

Quote UpIt's beyond the essentials. You have to have plans to be compliant, or that it's an insurance to ensure your business knows what to do. It's really about continued services to your customers. At the end of the day, you've provided something essential to a customer, and you need to be sure it continues to be that for them, because if it's not there then they're going to go somewhere else.
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Certified Business Continuity Professional, United States

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