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Organizational Certification

Hub of Resilience

Long the leader in certifying individuals, DRI International now offers accreditation for organizations with the Hub of Resilience and Resilient Enterprise designations, as well as assessment of organizational resilience with the Resilient Enterprise Assessment Process (REAP). Established to recognize organizations that have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to preparedness and resiliency, Hub of Resilience and Resilient Enterprise are DRI's official "standard of excellence" designations.

Hub of Resilience designees are organizations that:

  • Demonstrate extraordinary commitment to business continuity management (BCM), including emergency management, business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis management.
  • Serve as a center for providing information, education and thought leadership to their community and industry.

Eligibility Requirements

The Hub of Resilience designation follows stringent accreditation criteria that identifies core factors of extraordinary commitment and demonstrated capability to advocate for resilience. Eligibility is open to those institutions that want to be recognized for their dedication to working with peers, communities, and industry leaders in order to be more prepared to deal with adversity. Organizations seeking accreditation must demonstrate preparedness by contributing personnel, materials, technical, and management advice to aid others within their industry. A designated hub or center must provide both outreach and dissemination of resources, in addition to serving as a center for education sharing that will provide informative and educational seminars, webinars, and training support for preparedness.

Approval Process

An extensive approval process and qualifying protocols help to ensure the appropriate level of knowledge and proficiency of an entity's BCM program; including an onsite inspection of the company, credentials, ethical practices, and BCM training records/documentation, followed by an interview.Each assessment team will be led by an ANSI accredited Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor (CBCLA) who is authorized to accredit organizations.

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